Name:  Yeva

ID #:     RV 033360
Age:     2 years old 

Birth date:  August 20, 2019 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Rivne Oblast

My sponsor was not able to continue to sponsor me so I am seeking a new sponsor to age 18.

Dear Sponsor,

My name is Valeriya and I am two years old on August 20, 2021. I live with my parents and brother in the town of Zdolbuniv. My brother`s name is Tymofii and he is my best friend. Although he will be five soon and I am just almost two years old, I love playing games with him. He teaches me to draw and build a pyramid with LEGO. We also play hide and seek and do everything together. My family always attends church meetings, and next Sunday we are attending an Easter meeting. Tymofii has learnt a poem that he is going to recite at the meeting during which our family will be singing songs and praying to God. Summer will come soon, and I will celebrate my birthday. My mom is going to bake a cake. Besides, my friends will visit me, and we will play games. My favorite food is mashed potatoes, soup, cottage cheese and cookies. In my free time, I like playing with a ball with my brother and jumping on the bed. Dear sponsor, what do you like doing in your free time? Could you please tell me about your family and friends? Thank you very much for helping me!

Case-worker`s comments 2021

Valeriya is a very cheerful and active girl who enjoys playing active games, walking, and playing with her brother. Besides, she loves drawing and jumping on the bed. The family consists of two kids and parents. The parents are members of the Baptist Church in the town of Zdolbuniv. The family members get along with each other very well. In his free time, the father spends a lot of time with his kids. He loves reading various encyclopedias and learning poems with his son. The mother has chronic kidney and stomach diseases, which often cause health issues, so his husband often must take a day off to look after the kids. Because of that, he often has misunderstandings with his employers who do not want to understand the situation in his family. The family is praying that the father can find a job near the place where they live so that he does not have to be off home for a week. The mother is on maternity leave looking after Valeriya. The father does not have a permanent job, and due to lockdown, he didn`t even work. The family lives in an old apartment that needs redecorating and repairing. The furniture is worn-out, and the washing machine does not work. In general, the living conditions of the family are poor. They need your support very much. It will show them how much God loves and takes care of them. How great it will be when Valeriya knows that you are her sponsor.

Rivne region is in the northwest part of Ukraine. The northern land in this region is close to the Chernobyl zone, thus food grown there is still contaminated by the nuclear explosion. There are two more nuclear stations close to Rivne city. There are many disadvantaged families in the region, thus drug and alcohol addictions are widespread. This region as well as other western regions are impacted by high unemployment because many large factories went bankrupt. People searching for employment go to the capital or to other countries. Mothers are often left to care for children and home with no food or resources.