Name:  Vasyl R

ID #:     RT01340
Age:     11

Birth date:  January 14, 2011
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

Dear Sponsor,

My name is Vasyl and I’m 11. I live in a village. My mother passed away when I was 6 and my father is completing rehab in a Christian rehabilitation center now. I live with my aunt, who’s mother’s sister. My best friend is Danik, he lives not far away from us, so sometimes we play basketball and football. During Christmas, I spend a lot of time with my friends as we have school holidays. In summer, I like swimming in the pond.  At school, I’m in 5th grade. I get to school on foot and it takes me 15 minutes. My lessons last for 5-6 hours, my favorite ones are PE and computer science. It’s difficult for me to learn English and German. At home, I like eating borsht, I also like mandarins and oranges. I like spending my free time playing board games.

When I grow up, I’d like to become a blogger (Writes articles on computer for the public / followers)

Thank you, dear sponsor, for your willingness to help kids who are in need.

Sincerely yours,


Caseworker`s comments 2022

Vasyl is a kind, hardworking, and diligent boy who tries to help his aunt with everything. Vasyl was born in a simple country family. They lived a good life until great grief befell their family: Vasyl`s mother died in a car accident in 2017. Father started abusing alcohol out of grief. He is currently going through rehabilitation in the church rehabilitation center. Vasyl is taken care of by his mother`s sister. The financial state of the family is poor. Father cannot support his family because he is going through rehabilitation. Vasyl`s aunt does odd jobs and her income is low. Vasyl lives with his aunt and her son in a house in the countryside. The living conditions are safe. The dream was for the father to completed his rehabilitation, he and Vasyl would come back to their house, where there is a need to make home improvements.

War in Ukraine has been another great grief for this family. Fathers and men over age of 18 have been asked to fight.  It is unknown where and how the father is doing. It is good that Vasyl is under the care of this Aunt.  Pray for the father as he fights for his life and his country.  Pray for the Aunt who has taken on the task of raising Vasyl into a man his mother would be proud of.  Pray for Peace in Ukraine.