Name:  Viktoria Lopatka
ID #: UKR-TP – 01035
Age: 7

Birth date: January 28, 2013  and will be 8 this month. 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Lviv (LC)

Dear sponsor!

My name is Viktoriya and I am seven years old. I live with my mother in Lviv. My mother works as a janitor. My brother goes to a vocational school. My brother, sister and I often walk our dog. My best friend is Andriana from school and I enjoy spending time with her. We play games and go for a walk together. Andriana and I also play the Winx game. My sister and I give presents to each other and decorate our room. During the summer holidays, I go for a walk and play different games. I am in the second grade and get to school on foot. I spend about 5 hours at school. Ukrainian is the subject that I do not like. I like such subjects as PE, music, and math. My favorite subject is music. I like to study number and find them interesting. I like to eat croissants. At home, I usually eat pancakes. On holidays, I eat something sweet. In my free time, I play games on my computer.

I would like to be a model when I grow up.

Thank you very much for helping my family.

With gratitude,


Case-worker`s comments 2021

Viktoriya is a very creative child who is fond of painting. She has already painted a lot of pictures. Viktoriya is also gentle, kind, sympathetic, and friendly. Her mother Svitlana is 39 years old and she is divorced.  Viktoriya’s father is a drug addict, has tuberculosis and AIDS. As a husband and father, he behaved badly. Because of his addiction, he beat his family and would break everything around him. The children have psychological trauma from experiencing his outbursts. The father wants to keep in touch with his children but the children are afraid of him. The mother does not let the father see the children as he is not a man to look up to.

Viktoriya`s older brother, Dmytro,  goes to vocational school where he studies to be a cook and a confectioner. Viktoriya`s sister, Sofia,  is in the 6th grade. The kids get along very well with their mother. However, the mother complains that she has lost her tenderness, love, and compassion after 6-year struggling with the aggression of her husband. Mother is looking for ways to restore her ability to love unconditionally and show compassion to others. She has started by attending a Christmas play at our church as well as the anniversary celebration of the children’s day center programs. She is attending the parents club as a way of interacting with adults. . The mother works as a contract janitor but it is not stable work.  Recently she had coronavirus, so she didn`t get any compensation because she works privately. She has not been able to pay the monthly utilities so now has a debit that she will need to pay.  Mother is looking to the months of January and February with fear. The country will be in lockdown and she will not have a job. The family lives in a two-bedroom apartment. Viktoriya`s father broke a lot of things (furniture, dishes, doors) when he was drunk so they are missing some of the basics you would see in a home. The living conditions of the family are poor.

Svitlana (mother) is working hard to have a good attitude about the future and feels that only God can protect and help her family.  You can be God’s hands and feet by sponsoring Vitkoriya and show her the love that her father has not been able to show her.  It will be difficult for this family in 2021 but they have Hope and Faith in what God can do in their lives. They are building a relationship with God and the local church. As a sponsor, you will see how God works in their lives.