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January 23, 2015

Dear Sponsor,

I’m Viktoriia. Dad passed when I was five, and Mom’s on maternity leave. I’ve got five siblings, and my sister Anna goes to church and summer camp. My best friend is Khrystyna. We love playing LEGO at school. At home, we celebrate Christmas together, and I enjoy summers outdoors. I’m in second grade nearby. Sometimes we have air alarms. I love PE and pasta with cutlets. Mom cooks soup, borsch, or potatoes at home. For holidays, she makes Olivier salad and cabbage rolls. I enjoy walks with my friend and dream of becoming a PE teacher. Thanks for wanting to help us. I’d love to hear about you in your letter.

Caseworker’s Comments:

Viktoriia is the fifth child in her family, cherished by her older sisters who describe her as a remarkably calm individual. Engaging in creative pursuits, such as drawing, brings her joy. However, she is sensitive and can easily be hurt. Taking on responsibilities at home, Viktoriia assists her mother by looking after her younger sister, completes her homework independently, and prepares for school on her own. She finds delight in winter sledding and rollerblading in other seasons.

Her older sisters actively participate in church services and home groups and have also attended summer camps. Viktoriia joins her sister Anna (or her parents) for Sunday school. Despite the complexities within her family, characterized by internal differences, they share a profound love for each other. However, both the children and their parents are in need of significant life changes.

The family’s financial situation is challenging, with a total income not exceeding 14,000 hryvnias ($488.00 CAD). Half of this income typically goes towards rent and utilities, leaving little for transportation, food, and clothing expenses. The church occasionally provides food assistance, demonstrating to the children that they are cared for by God. Illnesses strain the family’s finances further, often leaving them short of funds for essential needs.

Viktoriia’s mother, originally from a village, faced difficulties after marriage, leading to the children spending time in orphanages. Despite hardships, the mother has abstained from alcohol for four years. Following the death of her husband, she remarried Mykola, and the family now comprises six children, with one living with their grandmother.

The relationship between the children and their stepfather is imperfect, but he consumes less alcohol than their biological father and is employed. Despite past challenges, the children appreciate the stability of their current home environment, where they have access to warmth, bathing facilities, and a place to sleep.

Financially, the family receives minimal support, with the mother on maternity leave and supplemented by social security. Their living conditions are cramped, with clutter pervasive and limited space in the kitchen. Despite these hardships, the family shares a rented apartment with sufficient amenities, including gas heating, a bathroom, and hot and cold water.

The family’s introduction to the church occurred through social services, which facilitated their receipt of food assistance. While the parents attend church sporadically, their older children are eager to engage more deeply, expressing a desire to study the Bible and connect with fellow church members.

As the church becomes more acquainted with the family, it becomes evident that they require not only material support but also emotional guidance, acceptance, and opportunities for genuine conversation. The parents often overlook their children’s concerns, while the children eagerly anticipate their church visits, hopeful for positive change in their lives through God’s intervention. Viktoriia and her family are in urgent need of your support.