Name:  Viktoriya C

ID #: TP 01310
Age:  4 

Birth date: May 9, 2016 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Ternopil Oblast / Shumsk (TP)

Hello, dear sponsor!

My name is Viktoriya or Vikusya (diminutive form) and I am four years old. I live in the village of Bykivtsi. My father doesn`t have a job now, so now he mostly takes care of the household. My mother works as a stockbreeder on the farm. I have adult sisters who have already finished their studies and go to work. My brothers are still students. Vitaliy goes to computer school and Serhiy goes to school. My siblings are kind, hard-working, sympathetic, and responsible. I love them very much. My best friend is Ostap. We play different games, learn things and paint together. At Christmas, my family goes to church, visits other people, and sings carols. In the summer, I spend time with my parents learning from them how to do the housework. I also look after cats, dogs, chickens, and geese. Sometimes my sisters take me to the lake where I have a good time. I go to kindergarten and I get there on foot. I spend almost the whole day in kindergarten. There I enjoy playing games with other kids, working with my teachers, and learning poems and songs. I also like to take part in kids` events and concerts. I usually eat soup, borscht, and porridge. My favorite food is fish because it is very tasty. On holidays, my family enjoys tasty homemade food. I am still little, so I spend most of my time playing games and running around.

I don`t know what I want to be when I grow up.

Dear sponsor! I am deeply grateful to you for your compassionate heart and loving soul. Only those who love and believe in good take care of others. I am still little, so there are many things I don`t know but when I say to my parents that I love them, that makes them happy. When they say the same thing to me, I feel very happy, too. So, I want to tell you that I love you very much to make you happy as well. Thank you very much.


The letter has been written by the mother according to Viktoriya

Case-worker`s comments 2020

Viktoriya is an independent, calm, peaceful, responsible, and sociable child who easily finds the common language with others. There are seven people in Viktoriya`s family. Her two older sisters live separately and try to provide for themselves. Ivanna, a middle sister, has had leg surgery. Viktoriya`s father is not working currently due to some health issues. The mother works as a stockbreeder on the farm. One of Viktoriya`s brothers goes to school and another one goes to computer school in Ternopil city. Because the father cannot work now, the family lives on the mother`s salary. They also grow some food in the garden. The family used to live in an old grandma`s house and recently they have moved to another house where the living conditions are a little bit better. It is a clay house consisting of three bedrooms and a kitchen. The toilet is outside and there is no water supply. The living conditions are safe in general.

Vikoriya does not know the struggle her parents have each month with trying to provide for their children. Her older brothers are getting an education so that they can help the family become self-sufficient.  The family is growing food to help feed them. You can help thru Hart Child Sponsorship Program and your prayers.

How great it will be when Viktoriya is able to tell her older siblings that she has been Sponsored!