Name:  Vira B

ID #:     ZL 01240
Age:     4 

Birth date:  August 23, 2017 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Zhytomyr Oblast

Dear Sponsor,

My name is Uliana and I am four years old. I live in a village. My dad, Oleksii, worked in a factory and my mum, Olesia, doesn`t work. She is a housewife and looks after us. I have three brothers: Tymofii, who is in the second grade, Rostyslav, who attends daycare, and Yehor. Recently my little sister, Emilia, was born. I have a lot of friends, with whom I play various games. We like putting Lego together and play soccer.

At Christmas, my family visits our grandma and great-grandma. My whole family gets together and celebrates Christmas. In the summer, my brothers and I help our mother and go swimming to the river. I attend daycare which is close to my home, so I walk there with my mom. I am at daycare from 9 am to 6 pm. I have fun there: we draw, learn letters and numbers, read books, and play interesting games. My favorite food is semolina porridge, soup, borscht, and pelmeni (meat dumplings). At home, I usually eat borscht, soup, and porridge. On holidays, my mother cooks cutlets, holubtsi (cabbage rolls), tasty salads, and fried fish.

In my free time, I like coloring pictures, singing, and watching cartoons.

I want to be a firefighter when I grow up.

Dear sponsor, thank you very much in advance for helping my family. I am looking forward to receiving your letter.

Big hug,

Uliana and my family

(Because Uliana is only four and cannot write yet, this letter was written by her mother on her behalf)

Caseworker`s comments 2022

Uliana is a very modest and friendly girl who likes riding a bicycle and the slide in the playground of the daycare she attends. There are seven people in the family: Mother Olesia, Father Oleksii, seven-year-old Tymofii, six-year-old Rostyslav, four-year-old Uliana, three-year-old Yehor, and two-month-old Emilia. Mother Olesia is on maternity leave. Father Oleksii works in a corn factory but may have to fight for Ukarine in the war.  The relationships in the family are peaceful and friendly. Mother, Olesia doesn`t have any bad habits but Father, Oleksii, unfortunately, smokes cigarettes. Olesia attended Church all her childhood and the church day center, where her older son, Tymofii, goes. Olesia has a two-month-old daughter and she says that she will start attending meetings for mothers at church when her baby grows up a bit. Olesia and her children always visit evangelization events organized by our church. The income of the family is uncertain due to the war. It is a large family, so they need money for basic food, clothes and monthly utilities. Income is not always enough to cover these expenses and the cost of everything keeps rising each month. They live in a house which they heat with firewood because it is expensive to pay the gas bill. There is no water supply in the house, but it is good that they have a well in the yard.

This mother of five children will be on her own, due to the war, she will make decisions and care for the children in their simple home.  None of the children is old enough to help with the many needs of the family but seven-year-old Tymofii will care for his siblings so that mother can prepare food and get firewood for stove and home heating.  They are connected to the church and will draw support from them. The needs of this family will only grow greater as the children grow each month and need more attention from single parent and desire healthy food at each meal. This mother will put her children first but should not go without meals so they all have food for each meal.