Name:  Ilona

ID #: KI 01360
Age:  8 years old 

Birth date: September 16, 2012 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Kyiv Oblast

Hello, dear sponsor!

My name is Vira and I am eight years old. I live in Kyiv. My father works as a driver. My mother is at home looking after my younger brother. I have three brothers and three sisters. The nine of us live in an apartment with aunt and grandma.

My best friend`s name is Yana. We go to the same school and like spending time together. We also like to play with Lego and go for a walk.

At Christmas, we buy presents for all members of our family, cook festive dinner, clean up the apartment, have dinner and remember how Christ was born. We also give presents to each other and attend a festive church meeting. I like going for a walk and sometimes I make crafts. I am in the second grade. My father takes my sisters and me to school. I spend seven hours at school every day. I like art lessons and I don`t like writing lessons. At school, I learn math, writing, reading, English, natural science and art. Art is my favorite subject.

I like to eat mashed potatoes and roasted chicken. At home, I usually eat potatoes, fish, chicken, and pasta. On holidays, my family has cakes, candies, tangerines and muffins.

In my free time, I like drawing. I want to be an artist when I grow up.

Thank you very much for helping my family and me in advance!     Could you please tell me about yourself a little bit?

Case-worker`s comments 2021

Vira is a calm, diligent, kind and friendly child. She likes helping her mother in the kitchen and playing with younger siblings. Vira also loves animals. Vira`s family is very big – she has six siblings. The family practices the Bible values. They regularly attend church meetings and take active part in church ministries. The father teaches kids at Sunday school and the mother is involved in women`s ministry. The teenagers visit different villages in Kyiv oblast (region) to evangelize them. The younger children  sing in the Church Children`s Choir. The family likes to have an active time out of the small apartment.

The limited space in the home teaches them to love, respect, and be patient to each other. Sometimes the family members have some misunderstandings with the aunt and the grandma, who live with them.

The Hart Child Sponsorship Program can help this family with many children as it will be many years for all the kids to growing up. Sponsorship is a good example of giving to others and encouragement to them from caseworker will encourage them to help and support those around them who are all so in need.

The fathers salary does not go far to support everyone.  Some months it is very difficult to have enough food, clothing and funds for heating . The father tries to provide for his family. He works as a driver. The mother is on maternity leave but she tries to work anyway – she works as a street janitor. Vira`s older brother learns to be a missioner at Bible School. Vira`s sister finished vocational school where she learnt how to sew and now she is looking for a job. It is difficult to find a job now because of quarantine restrictions.

The family needs material support because they have many mouths to feed and limited salary and pension. They live with the aunt and the grandma in a three-room apartment. In total, eleven people share one apartment. The kids eat, do homework and sleep in the same room. They just have one desk that they all must share. They use a very little room for keeping their clothes and personal items. This three generation family will benefit by the food packages. It will show them how much God loves and takes care of them.

Vira will be invited to Hart Summer Camp and other programs with the local church.  She will be an example to the other children and you can be an example to them if you sponsor this child!