Name:  Vira S

ID #:     RD 01220
Age:     5 years old 

Birth date:  November 7, 2016
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Rivne Oblast

Dear Sponsor!

My name is Vira, I’m five I live in a city, which is a small, lovely, and green town. We live near the river called Horyn. It’s beautiful and green there. I live with my mom, dad, sister, and grandma. My mom’s name is Katya, and my sister’s – Daryna. We attend the church, and I like it a lot. I have a friend there, whose name is Darynka. We like to play with dolls at the Sunday school and set up the puzzles about Jesus. Also, we like singing a song “Я малесенька овечка (I’m a little lamb)”. At the Sunday school, we’re given some tasty cookies. My mom can draw and sing really well, and my sister lies dancing. Also, I visit a kindergarten called “Рукавичка (The Glove)”. For Christmas, I enjoy having a pizza, which my mom prepares for the holidays. As usual, though, I eat oatmeal and cabbage borscht.

When I grow up, I’ll become a veterinarian, because I like them a lot. We have a dog and a cat, and I play with them. Dear Sponsor, thank you sincerely for helping me and my family. I really want to meet and become friends with you. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours respectfully,


This letter has been typed by Vira’s mother according to Vira’s own words.

Case-worker`s comments 2021

Vira is a cheerful, talkative, sociable and open girl who likes putting puzzles together and coloring pictures. Besides that, Vira is kind, compassionate and generous. Despite her age, she is quite independent and polite. The family consists of parents and two kids. The atmosphere within the family is not that good: Vira`s father abuses alcohol and often quarrels with the grandma. The mother attends Bible study group at church but Vira`s grandma and father are not satisfied with that because they don`t want to stay with the kids. Kateryna (it`s the mother`s name) takes children to Bible study group. The kids go to Sunday school, learn verses and sing songs with pleasure. They visited Hart Christian Summer Camp for the first time this year. Mother, Kateryna enjoys talking to believers and learning the Bible, and she is really happy to have met believers and started going to wonderful church which, as she says, is like a spark of hope for a better life. The financial situation is quite difficult: because of the quarantine, Kateryna lost her job (she used to work as a shop assistant). The father receives a disability allowance (one of his arms does not work at all) and tries to do odd jobs from time to time but he often spends all his money on alcohol. The grandma receives a low pension. Vira, her parents and sister share one room in the grandma`s old house without running water.  The house is heated with firewood and there is a need to make some home improvements.

Your support will show the three generations of this family how much God loves and takes care of them. It may also change Vira`s grandma and father’s hearts  and lead them to salvation. The child sponsorship program will provide both financial and spiritual support to Vira and her sister; they will grow up at church experiencing God`s love, mercy and care.