Name:  Maksym B

ID #:     SZ 01400
Age:     12 years old 

Birth date:  September 15, 2009
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Zhytomyr Oblast

Dear Sponsor,

It is a pleasure to write a letter to you. My name is Maksym. I’m 12 years old and live in the city. I live with my grandparents. My best friend is Nazar, and he’s kind to me. We play “survival” outdoors together. At Christmas, we stay at home. I play football and other various games. I’m in the 7th grade. I go to the school on foot and spend 5 hours there. I like my teacher and don’t like long classes. We study various subjects, and I’m into English. I like noodles called “Mivina”, but usually eat buckwheat cereal. For holidays, I like pizza and playing games.

When I grow up, I want to become a soccer (football) player.

Thank you for your willingness to help me. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Case-worker`s comments 2021

Maksym is a calm and obedient boy. He lived with his father from the age of two until the age of four when his father passed away (2013) . Then his grandma became his guardian, so he is living with her now. Maksym`s grandpa passed away two years ago (2019). His mother was deprived of parental rights and doesn`t help him at all. Maksym`s relationship with his grandma is warm and friendly. The grandma receives state allowance for loss of breadwinner and social allowance. This money is hardly enough to cover all their basic needs. Maksym and his grandma share two small rooms in a dormitory with communal kitchen and toilet.

Maksym has great love and support from his grandma but they could both use some additional encouragment. As a growing young man Maksym with need additional food and clothing. The local church and caseworker can help get items to their door. You can help and see this young man grow up . . . you can be his sponsor!