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October 3, 2015

Dear sponsor,

Hello! My name is Vira, and I am already seven years old! I live in a picturesque village with beautiful mountains and a wonderful pine forest around our house. I have parents whom I love very much! My father works in construction, and my mother is on maternity leave as she has to look after my younger sisters and brother, whom I also love very much! I especially love my sister Yana as she is very cute, and I enjoy playing with her. I also have friends who go to school with me, but I mostly like playing with my sisters. Although I am a first-grade student, my mother still helps me to write this letter, so I do not make any mistakes. I go to school on foot every morning and I usually spend 4-5 hours there. I like Math and Art, and I also love my great classmates and the teacher. I dream of becoming a cook when I grow up. Dear Sponsor, I am sincerely thankful for your kind heart and for your desire to help us! I want to get to know you better! May the Lord bless and take care of you!



Caseworker’s comments:

Vira is a responsible, diligent and smart young girl. As the oldest in her family, she is very dedicated to helping her mom by taking care of her younger siblings, such as taking care of her little sister Yana who has a severe form of Down Syndrome. Aside from helping her mother, Vira enjoys making things from modelling clay and has a passion for drawing, not to mention she really loves to go to Sunday School. Her parents are members of the local church and acknowledge that their children are a blessing and a gift from God.

The financial situation for Vira and her family hasn’t been easy, her father works in construction, and her mother is on maternity leave. As a large family, they receive benefits from the state of 10000 UAH ($250) which is hardly enough to make ends meet. The family of 8, currently lives in a two-room small house. Recently, thanks to some members from the church, the family was able to add two rooms and a kitchen to their old house. Before the family used to live in a rented apartment but due to the weather conditions in the winter it is impossible for the family to go back. They hope in the future to be able to have a safe way to go to the city in order for Yana to get her treatments. Through the Child Sponsorship Program, Vira and her siblings will be able to have better food, clothes and school supplies, they will also get a better education, and have a brighter future. Your support would be extremely appreciated.