Name:  Virsaviia

ID #:     MR01230
Age:     5

Birth date:  February 5, 2017 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Donetsk Oblast – have fled region but e-transfer fund for food

Dear Sponsor,

I  am five, so can`t write yet. My family rents a house in a small town. Our family is small: my mum, my younger brother, and I. My dad doesn`t live with us. My brother`s name is Sviatoslav and he is three years old. We like to play games together. I teach him to count and draw.

I want to be a teacher when I grow up.

My mum takes me to daycare in the mornings. There I have a lot of friends. At the weekends, my family attends church where I have friends too. We sing songs, listen to stories, and play games. At Christmas, we visit one family from the church where we eat a lot of tasty food. I really like drawing and singing songs. I also like playing with dolls and helping my mother cook food. Dear sponsor, thank you very much for choosing me. I am looking forward to hearing back from you.



Virsaviia`s mother is writing this letter to you

Caseworker`s comments 2022

Virsaviia is kind, responsible, patient, obedient, and sympathetic. She loves her brother and likes playing with little kids. Virsaviia also helps her mother in the kitchen and knows a lot of Bible stories. Her father is a drug addict and he hasn`t been with his family most of his married life. Now he is in the rehabilitation center in another city. He doesn`t communicate with his family and he doesn`t help his kids. Mother loves her children and gets along with them well. Their family is very poor. Mother worked in a call center but this work was not stable. The family lives on Mother`s salary. Sometimes grandparents help them. They do not have their own place to live, so they rent one. The living conditions are poor.

Virsaviia and her family live in a region that has been part of the heavy destruction around Marrupol.  The area has been evacuate due to the war so this young family are no longer safe in their home and community. They are out of harms way now and rely on the Hart Child Sponsorship program for food.  The caseworker is able to communicate with them by phone and rather than deliver food is transferring funds so they can survive. When they are able to identify a location that they will call home we hope to have a caseworker near. Provide food security for this family by becoming a sponsor.