ID #:
October 21, 2018

Dear sponsor,

My name is Vitalii, and I am four years old. I live in a very picturesque and tourist city. My father is a tiler, and my mother looks after me and my brother, as we are still small and need a lot of attention. I have four brothers and one sister. I like playing with toy cars and building something from LEGO with my brothers. I love the dumplings my mother makes, and I also always enjoy eating pizza and sweet buns. My mother cooks different food for us. We eat porridge, soup, broth, potatoes, rice, pasta and salads.

. I love coloring pages with colored pencils or with a brush or playing with toy cars when I have free time. My mother is my best friend as we spend the most time together. We read, play and study together. In the evenings, we read the Bible, sing and pray. It is very pleasant that there are such people like you who are so kind to others and want to help.  These desires come from God, so may He abundantly bless you and meet all of your needs!

Thank you very much!

Vitalii and his family


Caseworker`s Comments:

Vitalii is a very active, kind, and compassionate young boy who loves to help his mother by taking care of his younger brother Oleh and with housework. He is also known to be cheerful and loves to attend Sunday school. His parents are members of the local church, and they highly believe that having children is both a blessing and a gift from God so therefore they are raising their children within God’s principles. Vitalii’s grandmother is also very present in their lives, she often visits them and has helped raise the children.

The family’s financial situation has been difficult because currently only Vitalii’s father has been working whenever there is an opportunity to earn some money, but due to the war it has been difficult to find a steady job. Whereas his mother is on maternity leave, so, therefore their current form of income is through an aid provided by the state. It isn’t enough to cover the needs of their big family. The family of 8 currently resides in a small two-room apartment that needs a lot of repair but nevertheless the parents are happy that their late aunt gave them the apartment, as prior they used to live in rented housing. Through your sponsorship Vitalii and his siblings will be able to have better food and clothes, as well as getting a good education, and a secure future. Vitalii and his family are grateful for your support.