Name:  Vitalii 

ID #:     TB01630
Age:     14 years old 

Birth date: October 11, 2007 
Country:    Ukraine
Community:  Ternopil Oblast

**SPECIAL NEEDS**   Mental Health       Sponsorship $35 + Medical Support $35 = $70 Monthly

Dear sponsor,

My name is Vitalii and I will be fourteen soon. I am in the eighth grade. I live with my mother in the town of Berezhany, Ternopil Oblast. I have blonde hair. My height is slightly above the average and I have a sporty physique.

I am very serious about school because I understand that only an educated person can be successful in the 21st century. My favorite subject is PE. I like playing soccer and being active. What are my character traits? I am stubborn sometimes and I am a bit of a rebel in my heart, so I need to pay special attention to this character trait.

I am a bit introverted and I have only a few friends.  I help in the garden, when we need to plant or dig potatoes. I also help my mother stack firewood.

I like to collect ancient coins from different countries. When I was younger, I was attracted to travelling around the world – of course, virtually. I know countries and their capitals.

I often think of what profession I want to choose. I haven`t made my final decision yet about what I want to be in the future but I know for sure that I will choose something interesting and appealing to me. I think that if you like your job, you feel comfortable and confident.

Case-worker`s comments 2021

Vitalii is a smart boy. He has good memory and does well at school. However, he has some behavioral disorders, because of which he has to take sedative pills and go to psychiatrist in the city of Ternopil twice a year.

He enjoys going for a walk. Vitalii suffers a lot from loneliness and dreams of having a lot of friends, but because of his behavioral problems kids avoid him. He spends most of his free time playing computer games and watching various videos.

Vitalii helps his mother do the housework: he sweeps the floor, dusts the furniture etc. Vitalii`s mother raises her son alone. She works as a teacher in a small village school.

Every morning Vitalii goes with his mother from the town to this village. Vitalii has already changed two schools because of behavioral problems. Now he goes to village school (inclusive education).

The mother has had some health issues for two years. Once every two months she has a medical check-up. The financial state of the family is getting worse every year. The prices for utilities, food etc. are going up but the mother`s salary remains the same. A lot of money is spent on medical treatment for the two of them.

The family lives in a three-room house. The living conditions are safe. This single mother and son were selected for Hart Child Sponsorship Program because it will provide additional food resources for a growing boy and so they can have funds for the constant medical treatments they both require.

Your support will show them how much God loves and takes care of them. Vitalii feels lonely, so your help will make him very happy because he will know that your care and encourage him thru food packages, back to school supplies, programs at the local church and birthday gift.