Name:    Vitalina Stoliar

ID #:       NL01040
Age:       5

Birth date:       April 20, 2017
Country:          Ukraine
Community:    Hordotsky Oblast

Dear sponsor,

Vitalina cannot write, so I will try to write a letter on her behalf. She is standing near me and while I am writing this letter, she prompts me that her name starts with “V”. 🙂 It has been two years since she joined our family, as she used to live in a boarding school (orphanage) before. During these two years, she has learned to talk, smile, and not be afraid of cars and people. She has also learned to ride a bicycle (this was very hard to accomplish). She is the smallest in our family, so everyone loves her.  Our lives have become more colorful and interesting after she joined our family. Our hearts are very happy when we see her growing and developing. Thank you for caring about such children as Vitalina. May God bless you and all people who are important to you!

Vitalina’s father


 Caseworker`s comments 2023

Vitalina is vivacious, cheerful and sociable but at the same time she can be stubborn and rebellious sometimes. When Vitalina started living in a family-type orphanage, at the age oftwo years ago, she couldn`t speak – the doctors even said she would not be able to speak – she was very scared. Vitalina very much wanted to have a mother – her biological mother used to throw her at the bed and beat her despite the fact she was only six months old. Besides that, Vitalina had a bad colds and lungs problems. Now her new family loves her dearly and she is blossoming, which fills my heart with joy. Vitalina is extremely happy to have parents and siblings. Her fears are fading away. She has also learnt to talk and sing, and she is learning how to count. Vitalina attends kindergarten. As for the family`s financial situation, they receive children allowance, but due to the war, their financial state has worsened. Also, Vitalina has poor health and needs financial assistance to receive medical treatment. Vitalina shares a room with her older sister in a family-type orphanage. She has her own bed and desk. Her living conditions are good. Vitalina really needs your support which will show her how much God loves and takes care of her. It will also open her heart to the Word of God. How great it will be when Vitalina knows that you are her sponsor.