Name:  Vladyslav H  

ID #:     TM 01100
Age:     11 

Birth date:  September 29, 2008 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Ternopil Oblast

Dear sponsor,

My name is Vladyslav. I am 11 years old and I live in Ternopil. My father died 8 years ago, and I do not remember him and my mother does not work now as she takes care of my younger sister. I have an elder sister (born 2009). She is  12 years old. She loves to swim. I have a best friend. His name is Olexandr and he is my friend because he never offends me and we visit each other often. We also play soccer together.

I was at home for Christmas and I was enjoying the festive dishes. I spend all the time outdoors together with my friends when we have a spring break at school. We also play soccer together. I am in the fourth grade. I get to school on foot and I spend five hours every day there. I like like math, but I don’t like to studying English. I also study literature, natural science, computer science, Christian ethics and manual trades. My favourite subject at school is physical education.

My favorite dish is pasta with cheese, but I usually eat borscht, potatoes and salads at home. We cook dumplings together during the holidays.

I spend free time playing with friends. I want to become a businessman in the future. This is my dream.

I am deeply grateful to you for your willingness to help my family and me! I also want to know something about you. Please, tell me your name, how old you are and whether you play soccer. I want to know why you decided to help Ukrainian children.

Looking forward to hearing from you. With lots of love,

Vladyslav and my family


Caseworker’s comments

Vladyslav is a very active boy. He takes part in school competitions and sports events. Vladyslav has a lot of friends at school and in the neighborhood where he lives. He also likes math, drawing and painting. Vladyslav lives with his single mother, two sisters, grandparents and great-grandmother. His father died of liver cirrhosis two years ago. The kids get social assistance because of the father’s death. Mother looks after her kids and grandma. Vladyslav has two healthy and cheerful sisters. He goes to comprehensive school. His classmates often mock at him because he doesn’t have a father.


The beginning of the war has had a negative effect on his mother’s job and, consequently, on the family’s financial situation, so your help is very important. The mother with three children,
including Vladyslav, moved to Germany and drew up asylum documents. They are going to return as soon as the military situation will improve. Vladyslav started going to German school and the football section. The living conditions in Germany are good. Their great-grandmother and grandparents are still in Ukraine and also need help. Vladyslav’s family does not attend the church, except for camps and some other activities.

The family is quite hospitable and they are always happy to welcome their friends and classmates. Mother doesn’t lose her temper, has a big heart and is always in a good mood. She pays a lot of attention to her children. Vladyslav loves her sisters and he takes care of them. The family members get along with each other. Besides, they get social benefit because of the father’s death.  They have a 3-bedroom apartment to return to in Ukraine. The living conditions are satisfactory.

They need your support  will help them get thru this time of war.