Name:  Yeva

ID #:     RV 02112
Age:     3 years old 

Birth date:  October 6, 2017 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Rivne Oblast

My sponsor was not able to continue to sponsor me so I am seeking a new sponsor to age 18.

Yeva is too young to tell you about herself. I am her mother and want you to know that I bring up my daughter on my own. Her father lives in another city and has a drug addiction.  am not legally married to him and I pray for repentance of the life style he has. I would like to have a life like a regular family.

I also had a bad lifestyle but God gave me an opportunity to go to a Christian Camp for Women (Hart Women’s Ministry thru  local churches), I got acquainted with believers. They helped me and visited me when I was in maternity hospital before and after giving birth to Yeva.  I have stayed in contact with them and have started to go to church. I take my daughter to church so the pastor and whole church can pray for her. I want to be baptized.

Yeva and I live in the social housing dormitory.  My parents are divorced and live far away. They do not help me to care for my child. I get child assistance as a single mother but it is not enough for our monthly expenses. We only have enough food for two weeks so food package thru the Hart Child Sponsorship Program helps us to eat to the end of the month. I am lucky to have such a beautiful child and such a gift from God.

Dear Sponsor, I pray that you will have an open heart to help us.

Anna, Yeva’s mother

Caseworker comments:

Yeva is a smiling child, who likes music and her toys. She attends kindergarten so her mother can work. Yeva folds her cloths and is learning to speak better. Helping her mother with washing the dishes  makes her feel important. Her health has been very weak so getting medicine for her colds and ears has been important. Like all children her age she likes watching cartoons, playing with dolls and painting.

Father came in the past to visit his daughter but does not provide any financial support. He has entered a rehabilitation center and Anna prays that he will repent and be baptized. Her dream of a regular family has changed to wanted a strong Christian family.

Mother has been going to church and takes Yeva.  Both have made friends and are encouraged to read the Bible. She found a job thru an advertisement in the newspaper and is happy to work and support her child.

The Hart Child Sponsorship program has helped this mother with some basic needs but it has also provided her with a church community and given her hope.  She is a great example of staying strong and trying to break the cycle of poverty that her daughter Yeva was born into.  You can be part of the supportive community as a sponsor and a friend to Yeva.