Name:  Yevanhelina S

ID #:     RD 01240
Age:     3

Birth date:  February 1, 2019
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Rivne Oblast 

Dear Sponsor!

My name is Yevanhelina and I am two years old. I live in a village, which is quite big, and in summer it is green, so it is great for walks. I have parents, a brother Ruslan and two sisters – Zoriana and Diana. My father’s name is Vasyl, he works a lot and looks after an elderly man as a social worker. My mother’s name is Nina, she is a psychologist and works at school. She was on  maternity leave to look after me. She cares for us children, and raises us together with our father. I like dancing, drawing, playing with balls and balloons, and building toy houses and towers from everything at hand: cubes, cups, pots, or bowls. I can play with model kits for a quite long time to build something big, which crumbles loudly afterward!

Generally, we are a friendly family, in which everyone loves and respects each other!

Dear Sponsor, I am sincerely thankful for your help of me and my family. Thank you for your compassionate heart. I hope that we will be good friends. I will be looking forward to your answer.

With gratitude and hope,


Caseworker`s comments 2022

Yevanhelina is a cheerful, confident, clever, friendly, and sociable girl who likes playing with other kids, drawing, singing, and dancing. Her family lives in peace and harmony and they all get along well with each other. One of Yevanhelina`s sisters has developmental delay, but specialists work with her, and it brings positive results. Yevanhelina`s mother is on maternity leave. Her father does not have an official job. He tries to earn a living by doing odd jobs. Besides that, he looks after the elderly as a social worker, for which his family receives social allowance. Father used to work in construction in Kyiv but he was laid off when quarantine restrictions were imposed. They were building their house little by little while Father had a job but then they had to stop the construction due to lack of funds. Yevanhelina`s family attends church and prays to God. We do believe that this program is the answer to their prayers and hope that they will receive support. They live on social allowance, which is quite low, and the income Father has from doing odd jobs like taking cows to pasture or helping someone repair something at home, etc. The local church also helps them a little bit. They have moved to a simple house they are building but for now, they are sharing only one room because the construction is not over yet, and their house is without running water for bathroom and kitchen. They use a well to bring in water from outside.

Yevanhelina and her family really need your support.  Parents are working hard but father does not have education to have an office job and their is not enough income from odd jobs to support this young family.  You support will be a hand up to help them grow and thrive as a family. I know that Yevanhelina’s parent will be proud to know you wish to be part of the family by helping them.