Name:  Evhen S

ID #:     SH 01070
Age:     14 

Birth date:  September 2, 2007 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Lviv Oblast

Dear Sponsor,

My name is Yevhen and I am 14. I have a younger sister Mariya (2013). I am a student 9th grade. Fortunately, the war doesn’t have any impact on the family as no family member serve in the military.  The influence of war is mainly felt financially: prices for electricity, natural gas, food and products of first necessity were increased. It is very hard to find a job in their region. That’s why mother and step-father went to work in Poland for 6 months prior to invasion’s in Eastern Ukraine.


Caseworker Comments:

Yevhen has become more obedient. This year lhe boy studied Bible a lot, he goes to the Greek Catholic Church. The children live with both their parents. The boy has relatively good health, although he often has the flu. This year Yevhen began to spend more time in learning the computer.

Yevhen would like to know what his sponsor’s name is, what he/she likes to do, and he also wants to know about  sponsor’s family.