Name:  Zakhar

ID #:     LC 01550
Age:     10

Birth date:  August 16, 2011
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Lviv Oblast

Dear Sponsor,

My name is Zakhar and I am 10 years old. I live in Lviv. I live with my mother, grandmother, two brothers, and one sister. My hobby is playing football, and my favorite school subject is Math. I study at the Lyceum School. I spend five hours at school. My best friends are Maksym, Dmytro, and Bohdan. My mother Olia does not have a job as she is disabled. On Christmas, we have a meal together, and after that, we sing carols. I usually eat dumplings.

I dream of becoming a pastor/ priest.

I would like to know how many children you have, what is your favorite dish and what you do on Christmas? Thank you!


Caseworker`s comments 2022

Zakhar is a very curios boy who likes reading long books. He is also very kind, helpful, and reliable, and he willingly helps do the housework. If he starts doing something, he always follows it through. Zakhar is also forgiving and wants to be a pastor/priest when he grows up. This family came to us thru church about a year ago. Mother attends Bible study groups for parents and sometimes goes to church with her kids. They have also visited the family and Hart Summer Camps. Mother wants to become a member of our church.

Mother Olha had three younger kids with her second husband and they lived at her mother-in-law`s. Her husband had affairs with other women. Then they got divorced but he comes to his family from time to time and they quarrel with each other. Because of constant stress, Mother Olha has serious health issues: she has heart and gynecological problems and can pass out. The children love their mother very much and she takes very good care of them. Her husband does not pay alimony and he does not want to support his kids at all, so they live on disability allowance and low-income family allowance. The income of the family is small for  an adult and three growing children. She and her son go to university. Son receives a scholarship which help him with school and expences (books, transportation). The family lives in a small two-room apartment which belongs to Grandma and her sisters, who do not live in this apartment. The living conditions are poor and there is a need to make home improvements.

Zakhar is the youngest child in this family. The older brother will be allowed to continue at University and not become a soldier in the war. Mother is under more stress as now her divorced husband is fighting for Ukraine and she continues to care for all the children. Lviv has remained a safe region and city to stay in so they would not travel to border or Poland as they have housing and food support thru sponsorship program. You can help this family fight the hunger and despair that they are feeling by being a sponsor for Zakhar.