Name:  Zlata

ID #:     LK 01530
Age:     4 years old 

Birth date:  July 11, 2017 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Volyn Oblast

Dear Sponsor!

My name is Zlata, I’m four. I live in a village, only with my mom, who works as a kindergartener assistant. Also, I live with my cousin, who can dance beautifully and is my best friend. We like playing hide-and-seek, watching cartoons, and playing with dolls together. For Christmas, I go to the church with my mom, adorn the Christmas tree at home, and prepare fried meal. In the summer, I enjoy swimming in the pool, eating homegrown apricots, and playing with my friends. I go to the kindergarten with my mom by bus: going to move to the middle group there. All the day I spend at the kindergarten, and we go back home at 6 pm. I like sweets, fruits, buckwheat, and meatballs. At home, I usually eat homegrown fruits, borscht, pasta, and oatmeal. For the holidays, mom often makes holubtsi, which I like a lot. In my free time, I watch cartoons and help my mom do housework.

When I grow up, I want to become a princess.

Thank you for being ready to help me. Please, write me what you like doing in your free time, what is your hobby.

Case-worker`s comments 2021

Zlata is a cheerful and beautiful girl. She is also insistent: she wants to dress in only what she wants, so it is quite difficult for her mother with her whenever they go to daycare or somewhere else. Besides that, Zlata is hard-working: she helps her mother pick apples, tomatoes and cucumbers, and feeds cats and chickens. She likes drawing, watching cartoons, and playing with her older cousin, who lives with them; Zlata imitates her cousin in everything.

Her mother is a member of the church and loves the Lord. She married a believer, who later became a drug addict, started stealing, and wound up in jail. So Zlata and her mother moved in with the grandpa who lives in the village. The grandpa is against the mother being a believer and likes drinking alcohol. However, he helps Zlata`s mum financially a little bit. Besides Zlata and her mother, there live the mother`s sister and her child. The sister is depressed and does not have a job, and she doesn`t get along with the grandpa.

Despite the fact that it is emotionally difficult for Zlata`s mother to live there, she attends church meetings in Lutsk every week, and on Wednesdays she goes to Bible study home group, where she grows stronger spiritually. She lives with faith and hope for the Lord and raises her daughter. The mother works a teacher at daycare in the neighboring village and receives a minimal salary. There aren`t any better-paid jobs in the village where they live. The father doesn`t help his family financially at all because he is in jail. Zlata`s mother also helps her jobless sister and her child. Zlata and her mother share one room in the house; the living conditions are safe. Zlata and her mother are living in poverty as they share everything with others in the house. Your support which will show them how much God loves and takes care of them. Zlata and her cousin will dance and celebrate when they find that you are her sponsor.