Important AUCTION
Dates-Times (MST)
START: FRI – JUNE 11 – 6:00 am
END: SUN – JUNE 13 – 6:00 pm

Treasure Chest Draws
MON – JUNE 14 – 11:00 am




The intended purpose for these funds is to support summer camp programs in Eastern Europe. Each year we bless thousands of underprivileged children with a life-changing camp experience.

However, there is a possibility the Government of Ukraine could ban all camp programs in 2021 because of the Covid pandemic. With this in mind, HART has come up with 2 options for the funds raised through this Virtual Auction.

  1. If summer camps in Ukraine are allowed this year, the funds will be invested in the usual camping programs with our partner churches throughout Eastern Europe. (We will also distribute the funds you helped us raise last year through this online auction.)
  2. If the Government disallows summer camp programs this year:
    Our goal would be to bless 3-4 Christian camp-bases with infrastructure funds to improve the ‘health protocols’ at these camp sites. For example: building new washrooms or shower facilities; renovating or updating their kitchen facilities & equipment; building new cabins or refurbishing existing ones for the campers.

These camp-base upgrades will improve the living and health conditions of thousands of campers in the years ahead. Should there be any funds left over, they will be automatically parked for next year’s camps.