Where We Serve

Hart serves primarily in Ukraine and Moldova but has partnerships in surrounding Eastern European countries and Central Asia.

Overview of Eastern Europe

Since achieving their independence in 1991, the transition from communism to a free market system has been extremely painful for millions of Eastern Europeans, especially in Ukraine and Moldova.

State bureaucrats and oligarchs teamed up with corrupt politicians throughout 30 years of independence to perpetuate a graft-ridden, Soviet-style system. This has kept millions of Ukrainians & Moldovans impoverished and prompted millions of others to flee to other countries looking for a better life. 

Citizens are deeply disappointed and angry that they have not experienced order, stability, or decent economic development like Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Baltic countries. Poverty, corruption, and hopelessness dominate everyday life.

More recently, the popular 2014 Ukrainian civil uprising known as Euromaidan (the “Revolution of Dignity”)  resulted in ousting Ukraine’s corrupt president. It led to an armed conflict with Russia that has left more than 14,000 people dead and 1.8 million persons are displaced and in need of assistance.

Five years after the Euromaidan uprising—which was intended to finally free Ukrainians of the corruption gripping the country—Ukrainians instead found themselves ruled by a government that was not much better than the previous one they’d overthrown.

However, 2019 has brought some positive changes. With elections completed this past spring, Ukraine has a new President (Volodymyr Zelenskiy) and a Parliament dedicated to ending the corruption which has plagued Ukraine since its independence. Most Ukrainians are cautiously optimistic and pray this becomes a reality.