To change a nation, start with its children. This is a priority for HART and the reason we invest so much time, talent and energy in programs for children and youth. Our goal is to raise up a generation of new leaders.

Orphan-Care Project

Thousands of babies are abandoned in Eastern Europe each year. State-run orphanages do not properly care for these children. HART’S Orphan-Care project can help. By supporting Orphan-Care, YOU can provide for the love, stimulation, attention and meaningful interaction that abandoned babies need.

Support an Orphanage

Thousands of children are confined to horrible living conditions in orphanages all over Eastern Europe. YOU can support a Christian orphanage that is a totally different environment for these children. It’s a home filled with love, nurturing and security that every child needs for sound development.

Summer Camp Programs

Summer camps are the highlight of the year for all children in Eastern Europe – an oasis from their otherwise difficult lives. It’s a time for play, laughter, to participate in interesting programs… and eat three meals a day. YOUR SUPPORT will help HART send thousands of children to a life-changing summer camp program.

Street Kids Support

Thousands of children are living on the streets in Eastern Europe. Their future? Alcohol & drugs, human trafficking, prostitution, prison, suicide. YOU can provide them with food, clothing, shelter, medicine, dental assistance, education and caregivers who will love them.

Sports Programs

HART provides sports programs for street kids, sports equipment for orphanages, children’s hospitals and camp ministries. We also partner with soccer leagues and floor ball hockey leagues. YOUR SUPPORT will provide children with a healthy outlet for their energy, and through these sports programs run by the churches, these children’s lives can be transformed.


Foster Home Support

Ukraine and Moldova are slowly transitioning from warehousing kids in state-run orphanages to a foster-home based system.
Your support will assist many Christian families who have taken up the challenge to open their homes to orphans and abandoned children. These foster homes can have up to 10 or 12 children and are very costly to run. YOUR support will ensure many children have the opportunity to grow up in a healthy Christian environment.