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July 25, 2013

Dear sponsor,

My name is Andrii, and I am 10 years old. I live in a village. I have a brother Sasha. Six years ago, my parents took my brother Sasha and me from the orphanage, where I had been living since the age of 10 months. I am so much grateful to God for giving me family and loving parents. Our family consists of parents and 9 children. My dad does odd jobs to provide all of us with everything we need, my mom looks after us and takes care of the household. My best friends are Veronika and Khrystyna. Dear sponsor, thank you so much for your kind heart and willingness to help my family and me. May God richly bless you and your family and give you everything you need. May God keep you and your family from all kinds of evil. I would be very happy and grateful if you could tell me something about yourself and your family. What is your name? What do you like doing? I am looking forward to hearing back from you. Thank you so much once again!

With love,


Caseworker’s comments:

Andrii is a unique child with special needs, characterized by restlessness, hyperactivity, and difficulty concentrating, particularly during his 1st-grade studies. Since the 2nd grade, he has been working with an inclusive teacher to address these challenges. His speech is limited, with difficulty pronouncing certain sounds. Despite these struggles, Andrii expresses love for his younger siblings and welcomes visitors to his family. He actively participates in household chores, enjoys spending time with friends, and has a particular fondness for playing soccer.

Adopted by the family six years ago from an orphanage, where he struggled with speech and anxiety, Andrii faced psychological trauma due to hyperactivity. However, he has since adapted to his new family, feeling accepted and loved. His adoptive father, Ruslan, manages the children and occasionally takes on odd jobs, supplemented by state assistance that falls short of covering all the needs for quality food, rest, and medical treatment. Maryna, the adoptive mother, dedicates her full time to caring for the children.

The family lives in a state-owned house with safe living conditions, yet lacks adequate furniture and household appliances. Winter heating expenses are high due to an old system the state prohibits repairing. Since 2013, Maryna and Ruslan have been dedicated to serving orphans, living in a house provided by the state for the past three years. Despite buying essential items, such as beds, mattresses, carpets, bowls, and a frying pan, funds from the state remain insufficient for the family’s growing needs.

Your support would mean the world to Andrii and his family.