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Child Sponsorship

Ukraine and Moldova are the two poorest countries in Europe. Unemployment, despair, and hopelessness, coupled with extraordinary alcoholism rates, make for a toxic situation for the family unit. Families deserted by one or both parents is a common reality for so many kids. Unfortunately, as in all developing countries, single moms living in poverty, struggling to raise several children is the norm.

These circumstances are typical of the families that YOU and HART can help through our Child Sponsorship Project, which is administered through our network of local churches in both countries.

Sponsorship is a practical and powerful way to help a poor child and his/her family break the bonds of poverty and transform their lives.

Your sponsorship of $45 per month will provide:


Monthly food packages
are provided. Caregivers
are taught how to make
healthy nutrition choices
for the child.

Basic funding for medical 
support is provided to
children in the program
on an as-needed basis.

HART’s Child
Sponsorship Program
is operated in
partnership with
local churches.

Family Support
Family assistance
and emergency aid
are available on a 
case-by-case basis.

Sponsor children 
receive school supplies
for grade school. Later,
they can apply to HART
for a technical college or
university scholarship.

Your sponsor child will
have the opportunity
to attend a summer
camp. These include day
camps or stationary
week-long camps.

Poor children are
an easy target for
exploitation. HART’s CSP 
protects children and
helps prevent abuse.

A portion of your
sponsorship is set aside
to provide a Birthday and
a Christmas present
for your child.

Children in Ukraine and Moldova need your help: UN statistics inform us that up to 78% of people in Ukraine and Moldova are living in poverty.

Ukraine is the largest country within Europe and is home to 45 million people. Ukraine’s economy declined severely in the years following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Day-to-day life for the average person living in Ukraine is a struggle. A significant number of citizens in rural Ukraine survive by growing their own food. Many in the cities often work more than one job. The average monthly salary is US $140. The current war in Eastern Ukraine has put an even bigger strain on an already poor economy. Corruption, unemployment, despair, and hopelessness are constant companions of Ukrainian people.

Moldova remains one of the poorest countries in Europe. Economic reforms have been slow because of economic and political corruption. Moldova`s population is 3.6 million people. The average monthly salary is US $175

An amazing adventure for you and your family as you help change the life of one child!

  • A welcome package with pertinent information on your sponsored child and his/her family
  • The opportunity to correspond with your child and send presents if you choose to
  • An annual update on your child’s progress through school and life

Comments from current sponsors:
“From the moment we saw the picture of Uliana we instantly felt like we had a new member in our family. Tears of joy streamed down Val’s face and there was a definite lump in my throat! We are so looking forward to playing a role in her life and prayerfully that of her mom as well. Our heartfelt thanks to HART for bringing us into this relationship with Uliana.” – Glenn and Val A. sponsors since 2014

“I had the unique opportunity to meet [our sponsor child] in his home village while on a mission trip to Ukraine back in 2010. Getting a glimpse of what life was really like for [him] opened up my eyes to how much hope HART brings to children and families of Eastern Europe. With Christ at the center of HART’s programs, [we] have witnessed how HART is truly the hands and feet of God amongst a struggling nation. Sponsoring has taught me how to be more generous and really has helped me to see the joy in giving.” – Philip & Kim C. sponsors since 2010

Comments from caseworkers:
“CSP plays an important role for the family. The child is very glad when he receives letters and very beautiful gifts from his sponsor. The boy is very glad when he gets clothes. It’s difficult to imagine how they would live without CSP and the sponsor’s help.” – Caseworker of Petro

“The first time I entered one home with two little sisters who were to be involved in this project, I was stepping on cockroaches; the home was dilapidated and filthy; I was terrified of this place and the family. Now—everything is different and changed! The appearance of the house and the lives of those who live there. – Oksana

Top 10 Sponsor Questions

Why sponsor a child?

You can change the life of a child. You can give a child a different destiny, from hopelessness to hope!

God can use you to change the life of a child! Sponsoring a child is a wonderful way to touch a child with the love of Christ. As a child sponsor through HART, you make it possible for dedicated Christians in Ukraine to work with your sponsored child and their family.

You become a partner in making a difference that really counts; a difference that builds hope for the future. When you sponsor a child, you begin a partnership with his or her family that will radically change their lives!

How does sponsorship work?

Best of all YOU get to choose a child or alternatively, we can choose one for you if you so desire.

You determine your payment method – monthly or annually, by automatic bank withdrawal or credit card ($35/month or $420/year).
You will receive an information package including the child’s story and a picture within two weeks.
You will have the opportunity to write to your child.
You will receive an annual update as well as two letters/year from your child.
You will make a difference in the life of a child.

Does sponsorship actually work?

Yes! Sponsorship provides for children both physically and spiritually. The children feel God’s love and know that someone outside of their family cares for them.

There have been many studies conducted recently on Child Sponsorship Programs that conclude the positive impact on children’s lives. A report published by Christianity Today in June 0f 2013 concluded that:

Sponsored children are 27–40% more likely to complete secondary school;
Sponsored children are 50-80% more likely to complete a university education;
Sponsored children are 14-18% more likely to obtain a salaried job;
Sponsored children are 35% more likely to obtain a white collared job;
Sponsored children are more likely to grow up to be both community leaders & church leaders;
Poverty causes children to have very low self-esteem & low aspirations;
Sponsored children have expanded views about their own possibilities;
Sponsored children have higher expectations for their own schooling;
Sponsored children display significantly lower levels of hopelessness, higher levels of optimism and self-efficacy, and higher levels of overall happiness.

Source: Christianity Today Wydick, Bruce. “Want to Change the World? Sponsor a Child.”ChristianityToday.com. N.p., 14 June 2014. Web. 08 Apr. 2014.

How long is the commitment?
You may discontinue at any time, although we would encourage you to commit to this project for at least one year.
How does HART help children with an education?
HART has an Education Fund designed to assist Sponsored Children to receive post-secondary schooling or vocational training. In most cases, this entails a joint venture between the sponsor and HART. As sponsors develop a relationship with their child they may learn of a child’s desire to continue his/her education. In these cases, sponsors have the option to contribute toward the costs for the future education of their child. Please keep in mind this is not a mandatory part of our Sponsorship program. It is only for those that have the means and the desire to assist their child after they have “graduated” from this program.
Should I write letters to my sponsored child?

Yes. We encourage communication with your sponsored child. Receiving a letter or postcard from you is very special for your child. It is a reminder that you care about them and that they are important. As a sponsor, you can instill a sense of self-worth in your child through letters and cards.

It is also very important for the church and caseworker who work with your child and his or her family. Caseworkers continually remind us that parents seem to be more cooperative when sponsors are actively writing their sponsored children.

 Here are 6 reasons why you SHOULD write your child:

  • Letters are a reminder of how much you care!
  • Regular communication creates trust and builds
  • Corresponding helps you learn more about each other
  • Your words can help instill confidence in your child
  • Your can motivate your child to do his or her best
  • Writing letters helps you pray intentionally

Options for writing to your sponsored child:

1. The best option is to go to HART’s Child Sponsor page and click on “Write Your Sponsored Child.” You can write your child directly, and even upload pictures you wish to share with him or her.

2. The second best option is to send an email to your child.

You can email your letter to cspletters@hart.ca.

Please ensure your child’s name and ID number are written clearly in the subject line. Digital photographs may also be attached to be shared with your sponsored child.

3. All physical mail, including handwritten letters or cards, should be sent to our Calgary office for translation and forwarding to your child.

Please address all letters to:

HART Office
Suite 106, 90 Freeport Blvd, NE
Calgary, AB T3J 5J9

Your child’s name and ID number are written clearly on the outside of the envelope.

Please note:

It may take several months for your hand-written letter to get to your child due to postal delays, caseworker availability, and the time needed for translation. Email letters will arrive slightly quicker as we don’t have the delays of the transatlantic postal service. 

If you are writing to your child for their birthday or another event, please allow enough time for delivery. It may take several months to receive a response letter from your child, but we do our best to ensure quick and efficient delivery.

What should I write to my child?

Writing to your sponsor child is a great way to get to know your child’s interests and needs. It is a phenomenal way to show a child that they are loved and thought of. We encourage all of our sponsors to send letters to their children.

Go to the Child Sponsor page and click on “WRITE YOU CHILD NOW” to find many creative ideas to assist you in writing to your child.

Write your sponsored child today!

Do children have to be a part of the church to be included in the CSP?
HART helps children of all faiths. We do not choose or decline children or families based on their religious choices. Our goal is to help the neediest children. HART’s Child Sponsorship Program is administered through the local church whose goal is to meet the needs of their area’s poorest children. Children are encouraged to attend Bible studies but not required to.
Will I always have the same child?

Usually, sponsors grow attached to their children and enjoy the relationship built over time. However, on occasion, there are circumstances in which the sponsorship could be discontinued.

1. For example: when the child ages-out of the program. This usually occurs between the ages of 16-18. The child may leave for college, vocational training, or a job opportunity, so the sponsorship would end at that point.

2. The child’s family may no longer need the support as they’ve become self-reliant and are managing on their own. This is a goal for all our children and their families. For a sponsor to assist a family through a difficult season in their lives, to a point when they are now self-sufficient – should be celebrated!)

3. The family moves out of their child sponsorship district and is no longer accessible to the caseworker. If they move to an area where we have another child sponsorship caseworker, the child will be transferred and your sponsorship continues.

If one of these situations happens, we will contact you with the details and include information, and give you the option to sponsor a new child if you so desire.

What percent of my money goes to overhead/administration costs?

HART is very intentional about financial transparency. Here is a breakdown of child sponsorship administration designations:

Overhead and Administration costs in North America = 0%
Salaries for caseworkers & translators in Ukraine = 11%

All other money goes directly into programs for assisting your sponsor child through food packages, birthday presents, and more.

Other Sponsor Questions