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Community Development

Water, shelter, employment, health care, education, micro-finance projects, recreation facilities, and churches – each one of these builds on a community’s internal strength and ensures its sustainability.

HART’s focus is to find long-term solutions to poverty-related issues in the communities where we serve.

With your support, HART empowers and equips local church partners to transform their communities. This strategy creates self-sufficiency and independence.


Gypsy Villages

Gypsies are the poorest social group in Eastern European society. YOU can help HART transform Gypsy communities in practical and effective ways.

Micro-finance Loans/Grants

Micro business loans allow hardworking people the opportunity to escape from the cycle of poverty.

Rehabilitation Centers

Give the gift of a second chance. We partner with church-run farm rehabilitation centers whose goal is to restore families torn apart by alcohol and drugs.


Give the gift of JOY to children. Please help us build a playcenter for orphans, camps, churches, special needs schools, or foster homes.

Church Buildings

Impacting a community happens best when a church is rooted deeply in its own community, thus church building projects are critically important.

Water Well Project

Water Well Project Thousands of Gypsies lack access to safe, clean water. Living in segregated villages, Gypsy life is difficult with women and children often walking up to two kilometers to reach a water source, which often carries diseases that can make everyone sick. YOUR SUPPORT for water-wells can transform a Gypsy village with better