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Stories from the Field

Volodymyr`s Story

From hopelessness to hope. The bomb that struck his home and killed his wife changed Volodymyr`s life forever.
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Olya’s story

POVERTY AND DESPAIR FORCED OLYA TO JOIN THE ARMY At the end of an exhausting cold winter day, Olya has returned to her tent. She lights a small oil heater which radiates precious little...
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The Wrong Door

Some doors may not be in God’s will for you to enter, so He may choose to close them for your protection. God’s guiding hand was never more evident than in the case of...
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Perseverance Rewarded

“When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a veterinarian. My heart always melted when I saw stray dogs and cats. They seemed so vulnerable and unprotected. They needed somebody to shelter,...
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A Family Reborn

A completely broken family is repaired by God’s intervention through a local church, and HART’s Child Sponsor Project.
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