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The local Church is the platform from which all our life-changing and life-saving programs emanate.

Therefore, our primary strategy is to carefully vet out potential partner churches & ministries, empower and equip them with the tools to build a better world for themselves, their communities, and their countries.

Ultimately, our goal is for these church & ministry partners to grow and become sustainable.

Missions projects:


Chaplain Ministry

What do chaplains do? FRONT LINES: Chaplains provide soldiers with spiritual guidance and moral support, helping them...

Central Asia Ministries

Central Asian Ministries Persecution of Christians is common and severe in Central Asia. They face persecution, including...

Resources for Churches

Resources for Churches An existing church or a new church plant requires great leadership, vision, hard work...

Church-Ministries Support

YOUR GIFT will empower National churches to grow, as they transform their communities through the ministries of...

Church Buildings

Impacting a community happens best when a church is rooted deeply in its own community, thus church...