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Chaplain Ministry

Being a source of hope


Military chaplains play a vital and multifaceted role in Ukraine's war with Russia.

Since the conflict began, chaplains have been actively serving both throughout the country and  on the front lines. Their motto, "Being there," encapsulates their mission of representing God's presence within the army, and to the soldiers’ families back home.

They play a crucial role in offering spiritual guidance, counseling, and pastoral care to soldiers on the front lines. They organize religious services, provide prayer support, and offer a compassionate presence during combat and in military hospitals.

Chaplain Ministry


Chaplains work alongside doctors in emergency medical hospitals near the front lines to treat wounded soldiers. “Many boys feel very defeated. Our main goal is to give them hope and turn their eyes to God.”


Chaplain crews transport and deliver tons of cargo, humanitarian aid, food, medicine, and camouflage nets to hospitals and to Ukrainian soldiers across various frontline regions.


Chaplains operate mobile dental clinics for soldiers along the front lines of the war.


They provide comfort to injured warriors and their families. Chaplains see their role to be a visible reminder of Jesus and a source of hope.


Chaplains assist in evacuating civilians (seniors, families, orphans) from front-line regions or deoccupied territories.

Chaplain STORIES

Ukraine chaplains offer hope.

“Once, we had to wrap a fallen soldier in a body bag. Just as we finished, his mobile phone went off. We opened the bag again. The caller’s name was on the screen: ‘My dear wife.’ That was a very difficult moment.

Chaplains Bake Pizza Amid Horrors of Ukraine’s Frontline

Powerful stories from volunteer Chaplains who minister to soldiers on the front lines. “The doctor shouted to me, “Chaplain, pray harder!” Moments later, the patient got his heartbeat back.”

These courageous, selfless Chaplains voluntarily go into harm’s way to bring the message of salvation and God’s love to young men who could die at any moment.

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