Medical Aid

Medical Response During this War 

Ambulances: We have purchased over 30 ambulances from Poland and Germany to provide emergency medical care for Ukrainian civilians and soldiers near the war zones.

Because the Russians have destroyed/damaged over 400 Ukrainian hospitals, these ambulances are essentially Mobile Medical Clinics. They are looking after the medical needs of those living close to the war zones.

The ambulances also allow doctors to go to smaller villages and bring children born outside the hospital under professional care. One ambulance doctor said, “It is very important that we help not only to save the lives of soldiers defending Ukraine but also the lives of their children.”

Help us as we work through a network of partner churches to bring health and hope to thousands. YOUR support for ‘Medical Care’ programs can and will save lives!

First Aid Medical kits

One of the most common requests we get from our contacts in the medical world is for lifesaving First Aid Kits. These kits are used by the military, civilians, and chaplains. We have shipped thousands of these to Ukraine since the war began.

Children’s Medical Fund

Growing up poor makes everything harder. Children living in poverty are more likely than other children to have serious health problems. Your support of this Children’s Medical Fund can build a brighter future for children faced with serious health challenges brought on by poverty and injustice. Read more →

Emergency Health-Care Fund

This fund provides for emergency hospital care, surgeries, and other special medical treatments as they are needed by HART`s network of Church partnerchips.

Medical-Dental Clinics

HART is supporting Christian doctors and dentists who operate clinics and dispense medicines to the poor, without charge.

You can protect children and families from disease with basic medical-dental care and preventative health education.

Mobile Medical & Dental Clinics

HART Mobile medical & dental clinics bring medical care to rural regions and peoples of Ukraine that are usually forgotten or ignored.

For many, it is the first opportunity in their lives to receive proper medical or dental care.