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Relief Aid Programs


Ukraine and Moldova rank at the bottom of all social and economic indicators for European countries. The United Nations states that over 70% of its population lives in poverty.

Unemployment, inflation, poverty and despair, inadequate health care, poor nutrition, and alcoholism are common throughout Eastern Europe.

WHY IS THIS? State bureaucrats and oligarchs have teamed up with corrupt politicians throughout 30 years of independence to perpetuate a graft-ridden, Soviet-style system.

Lack of competition results in higher prices for food and commodities than surrounding rich European countries. Salaries are meager, and bribing is a way of life here.

This corrupt system has kept millions of Ukrainians and Moldovans impoverished and prompted millions of others to flee to other countries seeking a better life.


On February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation launched an unprovoked military attack on a peaceful, democratic country in the middle of Europe. The attacks came by land, sea, and air all across the country, with reports of civilian casualties.

As you read this, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian families are on the run attempting to flee the war zones and make their way to Europe. Please click the “REFUGEE AID” button below to learn more about HART’s efforts during this crisis.


All of HART’s relief aid programs and projects emanate from local churches. Our goal is to strengthen and empower indigenous churches to advance the gospel and impact the poor and needy in their own countries.

YOUR SUPPORT will help our local Church partners to administer relief to those in their communities through all of HART’s relief aid programs. This will help restore hope and dignity, encourage self-sufficiency, and provide families with practical assistance.


Soup Kitchens

Working through our Church partners, soup kitchens are set up to assist the poor in their communities. Give a meal to a hungry child.

Special Needs Programs

YOUR support will provide medicine, physiotherapy, activities and new friends for children and youth with special needs. Help a child with special needs.

Senior Care Support

Senior Care Support Retirement is anything but ‘Golden Years’ for seniors in Eastern Europe. These are truly desperate times for them, with meager pensions, high utility rates, and constant fear of getting sick with Covid. Their lives are marked by poverty, despair, and inadequate health care. Senior homes are not an option for the elderly,

Family Support

Help Impoverished Families With YOUR SUPPORT local churches can help restore hope and dignity, encourage self-sufficiency, and provide families with practical assistance such as: Temporary help with food and clothing Home repairs to keep the family safe from the elements Farm animals to facilitate self-reliance Medical-dental assistance Post-secondary education scholarships for youth GIVE THE GIFT

Ukraine CRISIS: Relief & Refugee Aid

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s full-scale military invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, triggered Europe’s largest refugee crisis since World War II. According to the UN refugee agency, more than thirteen million people, or nearly a third of Ukraine’s prewar population, have been displaced since the invasion. Of that, more than five million are internally displaced,