Senior Care Support

Retirement is anything but ‘Golden Years’ for seniors in Ukraine and Moldova. Their lives are marked by poverty and despair, and inadequate health care. Pensions are meager, and Senior homes are not an option for the elderly. The very few ones left from the Soviet Union times function as dormitories with appalling living conditions, terrible food, and poor medical service. It is definitely the worst option for seniors.

To survive, seniors living in rural areas plant gardens, and live off their vegetable crops, and sell surplus produce. Many seniors in urban areas have no choice but to beg or sell items on street corners to supplement their small pensions. The choice most seniors have to make each month is whether to spend their pension money on food or medicines because it can’t be both.

YOU can be part of the solution! Local churches want to reach out to people in need in their communities and bring hope to those in despair, especially impoverished Seniors. But they don’t have the resources to do this on a larger scale. YOUR SUPPORT will make this all possible – by allowing HART to partner with these local churches and give them the tools and resources to purchase and deliver essential food products, clothing, medical care, dignity, and people who will share the love of God with them.

How does this program work?    When people like you support this project with a one time gift or monthly giving ($10-$100), we give our local church partners funds to support 10 – 15 seniors @ $25/senior/month.

Please prayerfully consider supporting destitute Seniors with food and medicines monthly. GIVE THE GIFT OF HELP, HOPE & LOVE TO A LONELY SENIOR.