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Mission & Principles

Our Mission is to serve…

EASTERN EUROPE:  HART is dedicated to alleviating poverty and injustice in Eastern Europe by working alongside local Christian churches – giving them the tools to build a better world for themselves and their communities.

NORTH AMERICA: To inspire and provide opportunities for people in North America to practically and effectively make a difference in this world.


WE BELIEVE… The Bible gives us a picture of a God who cares about the poor in this world.

When we explore the Bible’s teachings about God’s concern for the poor, we discover that we belong to a compassionate Kingdom, one wide enough to take in all the lost, oppressed, hungry, homeless and dispossessed.

WE BELIEVE… Compassion and giving must be done wisely.

Compassion and
giving must be
done wisely…

Ensuring the
beneficiaries of our
compassion flourish

WE BELIEVE… GOOD intentions + good strategies = success.
Good intentions devoid of proper strategies will not lead to success and sustainability.

WE BELIEVE… In partnerships with Nationals.
One of the keys to ensuring that our compassion is wise and benefits others – is to enter into long-term partnerships rather than temporary quick fixes.


WE BELIEVE… In self-sufficiency/sustainability.
The ultimate goal for our National partners is self-sufficiency. We encourage and assist them in becoming independent and self-reliant. None of our 200+ partners in Eastern Europe are dependent upon us.