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Bunk Beds for Kids

A new initiative for the HART community to support:

Constructing bunk beds in the homes of underprivileged children in Ukraine, providing a safe and comforting haven for the nation’s most vulnerable youth.

Bunk-Bed project

The Harsh Reality: For many impoverished families in Ukraine, providing their children with basic necessities like adequate food, warm clothes, and medicine is an enormous struggle, especially due to the war. Many families in our Child Sponsor Program live in dilapidated and poorly insulated homes. As several of our caseworkers have pointed out, most homes also lack decent beds for kids to sleep on.

Our Child Sponsor caseworkers have shared with us the heartbreaking scenes they encounter when visiting the homes of these poverty-stricken families: children sleeping on tattered mattresses on the floor or multiple family members cramped together on an old couch. Even when beds are present in some of these homes, they are in deplorable condition, offering little comfort or support.

A Practical Solution: Recognizing this critical need, HART recently initiated a new project to build comfortable bunk beds for children living in extreme poverty. The first phase of this project saw HART volunteers come together to construct ten bunk beds, complete with new mattresses, for four different homes/families housing a total of 36 children.

This tangible act of compassion addressed the immediate need for proper beds and served as a powerful reminder that these children are seen, valued, and worthy of dignity and care.

The power of small acts of kindness is immense. HART’s team brings more than just bunk beds to these families – they bring God’s love into their lives, planting seeds of hope and transformation.

Bunk-bed installation VIDEOS

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