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Ukraine CRISIS: Relief & Refugee Aid

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s full-scale military invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, triggered Europe’s largest refugee crisis since World War II.
It left millions of Ukrainians with their lives completely shattered. They have witnessed the destruction of their cities and towns, the sacrifice of thousands of young soldiers, families ripped apart, and loved ones gone forever.

Ukraine CRISIS: Relief & Refugee Aid

How HART is helping:

While conditions throughout much of Ukraine is heartbreaking and dangerous, HART and our extensive network of church partners are on the ground serving those in need. Thanks to everyone in HART’s community in Canada and USA – here is what YOU helped us accomplish since the invasion began:

Food, clothing, medicines, hygiene products are being distributed daily to tens of thousands of refugees and people in the regions close to the front lines of the conflict, and recently liberated communities.

FINANCIAL: We provide financial aid for our network of churches across Ukraine, allowing them to serve refugees and their communities in a myriad of ways. Learn more specifically about how their ministries, through a variety of programs and outreaches are impacting so many people.

VEHICLES: We purchase vehicles in Poland and send them into Ukraine 1)to assist churches with their distribution of relief aid and food and 2) to evacuate civilians from war zones and transport them into safe territories.

AMBULANCES: We purchase ambulances in Poland and Germany and get them into the war zones and liberated areas. These mobile medical clinics are saving lives every day.

WATER: We’re providing drinking water for people near the conflict zones and have wells dug for communities in need.

ORPHANS: We have facilitated the evacuation of hundreds of orphans to Europe. Many have returned and as their orphanages re-open HART is there to provide support.

FIRST AID KITS: We purchase NATO-Standard first aid kits in Poland for delivery to ambulances, military units and chaplains ministries. These kits are saving lives every day.

HEATING/ELECTRICAL DEVICES: We purchase generators for electricity, power (charging) stations, and gas heating elements for cooking.

Our Current Needs for the Upcoming Winter

YOUR SUPPORT empowers and equips national churches,
to be Christ’s hands and feet throughout this terrible war.
Thank you for your prayers and financial support!