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Relief Aid & Medical Care

Ambulances for Soldiers/Civilians

Close to the front lines of the war in East Ukraine, thousands of people live without any form of medical care for their families. All of the hospitals have been closed down. HART is filling this void by providing a number of ambulances targeting these families who have no choice but to live near the

Mobile Medical and Dental Clinics

Mobile medical and dental clinics bring medical care to rural regions and peoples of Ukraine that are usually forgotten or ignored. For many, it is the first opportunity in their life to receive proper medical or dental care. YOUR SUPPORT of these mobile medical units is critical to thousands of poor families.

Emergency Health-Care Fund

This fund provides for emergency hospital care, surgeries and other special medical treatments as they are needed. It has saved lives in the past! YOUR SUPPORT of our medical fund truly is a gift to families living in poverty who are struggling with medical emergencies.

Gypsy Outreach

Gypsies are the poorest, most unemployed, least educated, most imprisoned and most segregated people in Eastern Europe. In partnership with local churches, HART is working to transform these villages through micro-credit, education, agriculture, water wells and medical care. YOUR SUPPORT can help HART impact these Gypsy communities in practical and effective ways.