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Water well project

Dear friends,

We wanted to extend our gratitude to all of you who have been supporting HART’S “Water-well” initiative and provide you with a short update on this amazing transformative project.

Clean water may seem like a simple gift, but it’s one of the most powerful gifts you can give, as a water-well can transform a village of people living in abject poverty.

Here is what some of the Pastors are saying about the wells YOU helped provide for their village:

Before, it was a torture for women from our community to get to the nearest well. Sometimes, you could see a pregnant or old woman, carrying heavy buckets in both hands. They used to walk for 3-4 kilometers one way to the nearest water well few times a day. It was so tiring that we could only use this water for cooking, not even talking about washing and other sanitary procedures. The well that HART built for us to some may seem an insignificant and basic thing, but for us it lays a foundation for further transformation and growth of the whole village.
Pastor Albert

The well has brought life back to the village. When HART blessed us with a water well, it transformed the whole community as it influenced the everyday life, eliminated diseases, helped women in raising kids, cooking, washing cloth and keeping their houses. It gave us hope for better future. Thank you for this priceless help.
Pastor Rudi

Gypsies definitely do not take the privileged position in society. We cannot hope for comfortable houses, education and social welfare. Neither can we expect our villages to be provided with centralized water supply. To dig a water well on our own is completely unaffordable, as it requires high expenses.
This situation had been paralyzing our whole community for a long time, until HART ministry has blessed us with a well. Thank you to all the people who bless gypsies through Hart. You create miracles all over our villages. Thank you for this gift of love and care.
Pastor Ruslan

Thanks again to all of you helping us transform Gypsy Villages in the Trans-Carpathian region of Ukraine, through our local Church partners. May God richly bless you for extending generosity to the “least of these” in Eastern Europe.