Gypsy Village Support

Gypsies are the poorest, most unemployed, least educated, most imprisoned, and most segregated people in Eastern Europe.

The illiteracy rate in most Gypsy communities is 95%. Neither their culture nor the government-run schools encourage these children to get an education. HART, in partnership with local churches, has started six schools for Gypsy children who demonstrate a desire to learn. And there are many more villages requesting our help to set up school programs for them.

Living in segregated villages, thousands of Gypsies lack access to safe, clean water. Women and children are often walking up to two kilometers to reach a water source, which often carries diseases.

All of the HART programs are run in partnership with local Gypsy Baptist churches, working together to bring positive change to these communities.

YOUR SUPPORT will help transform Gypsy villages in practical and effective ways through:

  • Medical-dental care
  • Water wells construction
  • New schools for Gypsy children
  • Church buildings
  • Micro-loans for agricultural projects
  • Summer camp programs for children
  • Pastor training