OVERVIEW. This project’s purpose is to build low maintenance, colorful, fun, playground apparatus, and distribute these to needy institutions. The distribution process includes working in partnership with a local evangelical church in the community. HART installs a play-center on behalf of a local church, who then given credit for this gift.

BENEFICIARIES. These include orphanages, children’s hospitals, special needs schools, special needs hospitals, foster homes, small communities, church grounds, and summer campsites.

IMPACT. Over the past 20 years, HART has built and installed over 250 Play-Centers, bringing delight, laughter, and healthy exercise to thousands of children each day in Ukraine, Moldova, and Romania.

COMMUNITY IMPACT. The importance of this project lies in the connection created between ministries and their communities through the Play-Centers. The equipment is further evidence that the church cares about people in the community.

EVANGELICAL IMPACT. Installing a play-center gives the local ministry the credibility and opportunity to share God’s love with orphans, sick children, and thousands of non-churched children at summer camps.

EMPLOYMENT. “Built in Ukraine” means creating jobs and blessing local Christians who are more than willing to do this work.

PROJECT COST. The cost for the construction, transportation, and installation of one Play-System is $1,000 US.

YOUR SUPPORT will help us bring to children.