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Child Sponsorship Project – General Fund

Child Sponsor General Fund:
What is this, and why is it important?

This General Fund is for people who cannot or do not have the desire to sponsor a child but would sincerely like to help these poor families. Supporting this FUND is a special blessing to our Child Sponsor Program because there are so many family needs above and beyond the $45/month sponsorship fee – especially now, during this war. Food prices have sky-rocketed, and most people are unemployed.

How donations from this Fund are used to benefit sponsored children & their families:

  • Additional food and clothing purchases
  • Home repairs for families living in poverty
  • Medical-dental care for sponsored children and their siblings
  • Summer camps. Your support would allow us to send a sponsored child’s sibling(s) to Christian summer camps
  • For Special Needs children who have exited the program by age 18 but still need medical care for several more years.