Name:  Dmytro 

ID #:TN 01270
Age:  6 years old 

Birth date: April 5, 2015 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Ternopil Oblast

Dear sponsor!

My name is Dmytro and I am six years old. My city is very beautiful and I enjoy walking around it. I like doing sports, running, playing games with my friends, animals and looking after them, dancing and singing. (Mother goes on to write more about Dmytro). Ternopil is a very picturesque city. The parks and nature is beautiful here. Dmytro is a very active boy and interested in various sports; he plays soccer and volleyball with his friends. He is also observant, friendly, sympathetic, and he has a beautiful soul. He has a grandma and a great-grandma whom he loves very much. When we go to visit them, he always tries to help them as much as he can. He also helps his sister and parents do the housework. He honors the elderly and is obedient. He is emotional and reacts to different situations emotionally. He always helps and supports his friends.

Case-worker`s comments 2021

Dmytro is very active and sympathetic. He likes doing sports, running and dancing. Dmytro also loves nature. Although the family situation is difficult, the parents try to get along with each other. Their kids unite the family – they are very kind and cute, so the parents live together for them.  Parents do not have stable income and live from paycheck to paycheck. they try to save on everything. Priority are housing and food. The family lives in a room in the dormitory with shared kitchen and bathroom (twelve families share one kitchen and bathroom). The living conditions are cramped, chaotic  and provides no privacy for parents or family matters. Hart Child Sponsorship program will help this family with physical food and spiritual support. To know that God loves and will not leave them will help them to provide each other with unconditional love. Dmytro needs to grow up up surrounded by love while he is surrounded by so many people in the dormitory.  Help them to learn more about  patience and kindness to their neighbors.