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October 13, 2018

Dear sponsor,

My name is Iryna, and I have five children. My youngest son Dmytro is four years old. He attended kindergarten before the war began. I am out of work as I have to care for a disabled child. I get a state aid for Mariia and sadly, I am raising my children myself, as I divorced my husband in 2020, because he drank alcohol and abused me and my children. I am going to tell you a bit about my son Dmytro. He is very active and interested in everything. He loves going for walks, playing with toy cars and LEGO, spending time with his family, and attending kindergarten. He has friends Kyryl and Nikita who she went to kindergarten with and he loves playing games outside with them. Dmytro loves eating everything I cook for him, but he especially enjoys borsch and potatoes.

Dear Sponsor, I would be truly grateful if you could help and support Dmytro. We have a very poor financial state and my ex-husband doesn’t help very much. I have to spend a lot of money on medical treatment for Mykola and Mariia. I do hope that you won’t refuse.

Iryna Khylchuk, Dmytro’s mother


Caseworker`s comments 2023

Dmytro is a lively, sociable, and charitable child who delights in playing with toy cars, solving puzzles, and watching cartoons. He willingly aids his mother in preparing varenyky, dutifully sweeps the floor when requested, and consistently loads cups into the dishwasher after breakfast. Dmytro also exhibits empathy towards his siblings and becomes saddened when his mother scolds them.

The family is a large one and faces financial difficulties. The children are primarily raised by their mother and grandmother. Two years ago, the mother divorced her husband due to his excessive alcohol consumption, physical abuse, unemployment, and neglect of their children’s upbringing. The children experienced emotional breakdowns because of their father’s behavior. The mother cannot work as she cares for her disabled child, Mariia, and receives government assistance. Additionally, she struggles with her own health problems, including a head injury requiring a plate and hearing loss in her left ear.

The family’s financial situation is exceedingly challenging, with an extremely low monthly income. The children need food and clothing, often resorting to second-hand shops for clothing purchases. However, the situation regarding food is even more dire, with occasions where the children must rely solely on soup due to the scarcity of other food options. The grandmother’s salary goes towards utility payments, as the father neither provides alimony nor holds employment. He continues to consume excessive amounts of alcohol and displays no interest in his children. The family resides on the fifth floor of a two-room apartment, which contains outdated furniture and bunk beds. The kitchen is small, necessitating the children to eat in shifts as they cannot all fit around the table. Although the apartment offers essential amenities, the non-functional elevator and cold temperatures require the children to constantly wear warm clothing. Nevertheless, the family finds solace and gratitude in having a place to live with beds and regularly prays for an end to the ongoing war.

Dmytro and his family are in dire need of support. Your assistance will not only demonstrate the love and care of God towards them but also facilitate a deeper spiritual connection through the Word of God and a closer relationship with the Lord. Knowing that you are his sponsor would bring tremendous joy to Dmytro’s heart and the hearts of his family members.