Name:  Illia

ID #:     RT 01320
Age:     5 years old 

Birth date: July 20, 2015  
Country:    Ukraine
Community:  Rivine Oblast

Dear sponsor,

My grandma Halyna is helping me write this letter to you. My name is Illia and I am five years old. I live in Rivne.

I don`t have a father. My mother does not have a job and she abuses alcohol. I have a brother Sasha and he is my best friend because he takes care of me a lot. I like playing with a ball and drawing.

At Christmas, I help decorate a tree and sing carols. In summer, I play games in the playground and go to the village with my grandma.

I like eating borscht and boiled eggs. On holidays, my grandma buys some cookies and candies for us. In my free time, my brother Sasha gives me books and we both look at the pictures in them. He also reads books to me.

When I grow up, I want to be a driver to take people from one place to another.

Dear sponsor, I would like to know where you live. What job do you have? Could you please tell me about your family?

Dear sponsor, I am deeply grateful to you for helping my family and me in advance! I am looking forward to hearing back from you. Goodbye!

With respect,


Case-worker`s comments 2021

Illia is a cheerful, active, kind and inquisitive child. The family situation is very difficult. Illia`s mother suffers from alcohol addiction and she doesn`t have a job. Illia and his brother are raised by their grandma. She means everything to them. Illia and his brother love and obey her.

The boys get along with each other well; they laugh and play games together but sometimes they fight with each other. Illia suffers from asthma and has asthma attacks sometimes, during which he cannot breathe and can even pass out. We hope that he will get over asthma with time.

This family lives in poverty. They live on the grandma`s pension, which is very low. Because of that, the grandma tries to do odd jobs. The kids don`t have even the most basic personal items and enough food for active boys. The neighbors try to help this family when they are able with some food items.

The grandma cannot become the kids` guardian due to her age. The family lives in a three-room apartment. Home improvements have not been made in the apartment for a long time because the grandma cannot afford the supplies and to hire someone to do work.

Illia, Sasha and Grandmother have formed a loving family unit.  Share your love with them and help them to survive and thrive with regular food packages, caseworker conversations, back to school items and birthday gift.