Name:  Illia

ID #: TM  01120
Age:  4 years old 

Birth date: August 11, 2016 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Ternopil Oblast 

Dear sponsor!

My name is Natalia and I am Illia`s mother. Illia is four years old. Since he can`t write yet, I am writing this letter. We live in a village. My husband (Illia`s father) works as a children`s coach. I am on maternity leave looking after my kids. In his free time, Illia likes playing with his older brother, painting and making things of modelling clay. Older son Ivan likes listening to someone read to him the Bible and attending Sunday school. Illia`s best friends are Bohdana, Martha and Ihor. They spend a lot of time together playing hide and seek and floorball.

At Christmas, we go to church, and our whole family gets together around the table on Christmas Eve. In the summer, our family visits my parents who live in Rivne city. There Illia has the opportunity to spend some time with his grandparents. Illia also goes with us to Christian camp. He does not go to school yet because he is only four years old. Illia attends Sunday school where he loves making crafts. As for food, he likes to eat pancakes filled with cottage cheese and varenyky filled with potatoes. At home, we usually eat porridge, salads and soups. On holidays and special events, we eat roasted meat and homemade kovbasa (a smoked pork sausage).

Many a time Illia has said that he wants to be a father when he grows up. Thank you very much for your open heart and willingness to help our family. We will be very happy to receive a letter from you. God bless you!

Case-worker`s comments 2021

Illia is a cheerful and active boy who likes playing games with kids. He is also inquisitive and interested in painting, cutting out patterns, making things of modelling clay and even helping his mom in the kitchen. God gave two sons to this family and now their mother is expecting the third child.

The older son`s name is Ivan and he is seven years old. He is a wonderful child but, unfortunately, he has vision problems: amblyopia, hypermetropia, crossed eyes and adenoid problems.

The younger son`s name is Illia. He is four years old and he is an active boy. Illia has almost the same vision problems as his older brother. His father is actively involved in church ministries. He works as a floorball coach and tries to look for extra jobs to provide for his family. Coaching is a permanent job, but in the summer when all the students have a school break, he doesn`t coach them, so he doesn`t earn money. Because of that, he tries to do odd jobs.

The family rents an apartment in the village. The living conditions are good, but the rent price is high. The apartment is also used for teenagers` meetings and Bible study group. This family is open to other people and ready to serve them. It is a blessed family who works in God`s harvest field and needs help to serve the Lord more. They need help from Hart because their children have to go to eye doctors regularly to have their eyes treated, which is expensive.


Your support will help them focus on serving the Lord more instead of worrying all the time about how to survive. This family see the value of raising the children with Christ centered  activities. They find many ways to  develop relationships with teenagers and parents so that they can share the Good News of Christ’s Love for all.