Name:  Ivan

ID #:     LK 01510
Age:     11 years old

Birth date:  February 8, 2010 
Country:     Ukraine
Community:  Volyn Oblast / Lutsk

Dear sponsor,

My name is Ivan and I am eleven years old. I live with my father and brother Dmytro in a town. My brother little brother  Dmytro is six years old. He really likes helping our father bring our horse from the pasture. The horse`s name is Martha. My brother and I like riding on horseback.

My friend`s name is Kostia. We play soccer together. At Christmas, I like decorating a tree and my brother and I go visit people and sing carols for them. They usually give us some coins that we use to buy some sweets.

In summer, I go swimming, play soccer, help my dad take care of household and look after my brother.

I am in the fifth grade and I like do-it-yourself lessons. I get to school by bus. My lessons start at 8:30am and finish at 3:00pm.

I like eating fried potatoes. Every day, I eat eggs and sandwiches.

I want to be a pilot when I grow up.

Do you have children? How old are you? Could you please tell me something about yourself?


Thank you very much for helping me!

Case-worker`s comments 2021

Ivan is a calm and hardworking boy. He helps his father take care of household: he feeds the chickens, looks after the horse, collects hay, chops firewood etc. Unfortunately, he is a bad student and he does not want to study. His father has no time to help him with homework. Ivan is in the fifth grade but he makes a lot of mistakes when writing.

In the summer, Ivan enjoys playing soccer. The father raises his two kids alone. Unlike Ivan, Dmytro is not his biological son. The father started living with another woman who had their son Dmytro. The father loved Dmytro like his own son. Later on, Dmytro`s mother abused alcohol and left them, and she went to live with another man.

In May 2021, Ivan`s mother began to attend church meetings, and this summer she started going through alcohol rehabilitation in the Christian rehabilitation center. It is still unknown whether she will get through rehabilitation and come back to the children and their father.

Ivan`s father does household chores and takes care of his kids diligently: he cooks food, does the washing etc. He gets along his kids.

Father has accepted Jesus and tries hard to raise his kids in the light of Christian values. The father cannot have a permanent job because there is no one to look after the kids when he is not at home. The grandma cannot look after the kids because she suffers from alcohol addiction. The father earns some money by helping other people take care of their households. He also uses his horse to plow their fields.

The family lives in a one-room house with a kitchen and pantry. There is no bathroom and the toilet is outside. They use firewood to heat the house. Although the family is poor, the house looks neat and tidy. The boys look neat.

This family is always facing financial hardships since the father makes it his priority to take care of his children. What a loving father to care for his young sons and for the future of his past wife.  Your support will show them how much God loves and takes care of them. How great it will be when Ivan knows that you are his sponsor.