Name:  Ivan
ID #: UKR-TB – 01382
Age: 8

Birth date: January 24, 2021
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Berezhany (TB)

Dear sponsor!
My name is Ivan. My family is huge: there are seven brothers, two sisters, and parents. My older brother went to the army to protect Ukraine in the Donbass region. ( Eastern Ukraine is still at war with Russa.) My older sister and brother Bohdan go to vocational school in Lviv city  (2 hours drive ) where they study to be cooks and confectioners. My family has moved from another region to this village where my other siblings and I go to school. Because of Covid-19, we have to study from home which causes some problems as we have only one computer. It prevents me from studying well and achieving my goal to become a math teacher.

I am so happy that you have decided to make my dream come true. Your sponsorship will provide food for the 6 brothers and one sister who are living with parents.  Ivan will be encouraged by you to work hard in school, learn more about God, and know you are always praying for him and his family.  He has a bright future and his family have a desire to be self-sufficient. You have the opportunity to show God’s love to all of them.

May God keep you!

With respect,

Case-worker’s comments 2020
Ivan is a quiet boy. He loves animals very much. He pets, feeds, hugs, and looks after them. He also likes to ride a sheep. Ivan finds it difficult to study but he tries hard and even has a dream to become a maths teacher in the future. A month ago, this family moved to the village of Kuropatnyky, which is located in our district. There are eleven people in the family: parents and nine friendly and cheerful children. The kids are disciplined, obedient, hardworking, and help their parents do the housework. They also help their parents in the garden and look after five sheep, which they brought here from the Odesa region (on the Black Sea in the south), and bees. The father is currently looking for a job and the mother takes care of the household to feed her family. She has to cook thirty liters of food every day. The family eats five loaves of bread and two kilograms of cereals a day. They hardly ever afford sweets, fruits, or meat. These kids eat bananas, tangerines, and oranges very rarely because they can’t afford to buy them.  The social benefit the family gets from the state is hardly enough to buy the most necessary groceries (bread, cereals, eggs, milk, etc.). The move from Odesa to Berezhany region was planned to help them live within their means.  Without a job, the moving expenses have become a burden.  They sold a house in the desired Odesa region and bought a two-storey house for their large family. They have a mortgage on this house for two years based on father having a job.

Two older children live in the city of Lviv and go to vocational school there. These two students need some financial help from their family for living expenses, tuition, and other expenses for school. Once, when the weather was very cold, one of the kids came to church wearing a light sweater. When we asked his parents why he was wearing such a light sweater, they just said that they did not have money to buy this growing boy a jacket. Local church and caseworkers are working to help find local clothing and items to support these new members of the community.   The family lives in a four-bedroom house. They use firewood to heat the house, and the wood-burning stove is only in one room. The other rooms have no heating system or wood stove.  There is no running water in the house and needs to be brought in from a well.  The house has many repairs including the windows because they are rotten and do not keep out the cold. It is hard for the kids to study from home because like many of our homes they have only one computer. They are a kind family and have many concerns that have made this move difficult because of the current economy.

This family is larger than most and has a hard time making ends meet at this time.  While the garden, sheep, and bees will help to support them in the future the Hart Child Sponsorship Program will give them food, caseworker visits, and spiritual support that they can use right now.   God led this family to this new region and close to this local church for a reason. Showing them that God cares for them will open their heart and minds to have a deeper relationship with Him.   It will soon be colder and the days will be shorter with winters approach. You can bring light and warmth to this family and to Ivan.