ID #:
May 28, 2014

Dear Sponsor,

My name is Maksym. I am eight years old, and I am in the third grade. My favorite subjects are I discover the World (world geography education) math and arts & crafts. My mother’s name is Inna and my father’s name is Yaroslav. I also have two brothers, 13-year-old Yaroslav and 7-month-old Bohdan. In my free time, I like to hang out with my friends, and in winter, I love sledding and playing with snowballs. In summer, I enjoy spending time playing hide & seek and soccer, as well as riding a bicycle and swimming in the river. I really want to become your friend.

With respect,

Your new friend Maksym


Caseworker`s Comments:

Maksym is a cheerful boy who loves to solve math problems, play chess, puzzles, bingo, and other board games. Aside from playing indoors, Maksym loves to go on walks outside but unfortunately, he is very limited to being outdoors as he has partial blindness. Due to his situation, Maksym has been limited in doing the things he loves and is not able to have the childhood that he deserves. It has been noted that he can’t see from one eye at all, and recently, he had surgery on his other eye where his eyesight when from 4% to 20%. Every month Maksym needs medicine to lower his eye pressure, these medicines weaken his immune system, which is why he gets sick often. The financial situation has been hard for him and his family and the surgery alongside the medicine comes with a cost. Maskym’s family consists of his father, mother, his two siblings, and his grandmother. The family is known to be super friendly and loving and as a close knitted family they are always supporting each other as much as they can.

The family lives in an old house where there is no amenities. Maksym plans to undergo several more eye surgeries and with his situation alongside his family, he would be so grateful to have your support.