Name:  Oksana

ID #:    SZ 01330
Age:    8 years old 

Birth date:  September 18, 2021  
Country:      Ukraine
Community:  Polissia

My sponsor was not able to continue to sponsor me so I am seeking a new sponsor to age 18.

I am 8 and live in a village with my mother and brother Stepan who is 13 and sister Tetiana who is 11.  We attend children’s after school program and spend time with other children. My mother does not have a job and my father passed away.  When my cousins visit me we organize a social time, sing songs, read and play games. In my free time I help my mum, sing and play games. I like to eat sweets and usually eat pancakes and cabbage rolls at home.

At Christmas, my mother and I go to church and sing carols. I have a rest and help my mum in the kitchen. In the summer  we go for a walk in the forest.

I enjoy school and like to play games with the other children.  We are learning about Ukraine language and math. I enjoy drawing in my free time.

I want to be a doctor when I group up so I can treat people who have problems.

Dear Sponsor, I like God and I like you!

Caseworker Comments:

Oksana is an active, cheerful and friendly girl. The relationships in the family are good.  The mother and children love and help each other. They attend church and community events.

Oksana’s father passed away, so the mother brings up 3 children by herself. The family live on death benefits (social assistance) from tthe father.

In the summer, the family members go to the forest to pick berries to sell them and earn some money.

The living conditions of the family are safe. They have no bathroom in the house so have an outhouse.  House needs some repairs due to it’s age and a growing family.

Supporting Oksana helps the whole family and they will need support for many years as she is only 8 years old. As a sponsor you will see this family grow and  hear of the successes of Okasana, her brother Stepan and sister Tetiana. As the youngest of the family Oksana will see her siblings go to school, get jobs and help move out of a life in poverty. THey have hope for a better future and they hope the right person will choose to sponsor them!