Name: Oleksandr
ID #: UKR-SZ – 01370
Age: 7

Birth date: March 26, 2012 
Country: Ukraine
Community: (SZ) Polissia

My name is Oleksandr. I live in a village. My father died and my mother does not work. I have two older brothers. Their names are Vladyslav and Arthur. They go to school. After school, they go to the gym to play football. I have a friend. His name is Tymur. We ride on toy cars and we like making a snowman when we have Christmas holidays. In the summer, when we have a break, I like to play with a ball and go swimming to the river together with my brother. I am a student of the first grade. My school is close to our home and it is only 5 minutes walking from it, so the best way for me is to walk to school. I spend 4 hours there every day. I like such a subject as physical education. I have already learned the numbers and letters and my favorite subject is math. I like to eat at home, especially I like cutlets, soups, buckwheat and potato. I like to eat meat, especially cutlets and of course I am fond of cakes. I love watching cartoons in my free time. And my big dream is to become a fireman in the future. Looking forward to hearing from you.
With lots of love,
Olexandr and my family

Case-worker’s comments 2020
Oleksandr is friendly, hyperactive and sociable. He lives with his mother. His father passed away in spring 2018. Oleksandr has two brothers: Vlad and Arthur. Oleksandr’s older brother Vlad is married and lives separately. The family is friendly and hardworking. They all go to the forest in summer to pick berries, cranberries and mushrooms. Mother sometimes drinks alcohol, so the older brothers look after the younger ones. Mother doesn’t have a permanent job but she sometimes does odd jobs. The family lives on the money mother sometimes earns. The kids also get social assistance because they don’t have a father. The family lives in a small house. There is no water supply and the living conditions are poor. The family needs your support very much. Sponsorship will provide this mother with meals for the younger brothers and connect them to the local church and caseworker to build some christian relationships.