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March 5, 2014

My name is Tymur, and I am nine years old. I live in a city with my mom and sister. My mom is divorced. She works in a factory. I don’t know anything about my father because he doesn’t live with us. My sister likes drawing. I am in the fourth grade. I walk to school because it is nearby. I usually have 5-6 lessons a day. I like English, PE, and Computer Science. As for food, I like borscht and a casserole. At home, I usually eat instant noodles, borscht, potatoes, varenyky (pierogi), etc. In my free time, I like going out and riding on a bike. I want to be a cook when I grow up. I would like to thank my future sponsor for helping me. May God keep you!


Caseworker’s comments:

Tymur is an inquisitive and friendly young boy, always eager to share interesting thoughts. His love for animals, especially cats, was evident when he brought a cat to church and relished the attention from his friends. Although he strives to attend children’s meetings at church, frequent illness sometimes prevents him from doing so. At home, Tymur cares for his pet and assists his mother with household chores.

Yeva, Tymur’s sister, is deeply committed to her faith. She embraced Christianity after asking profound questions at camp and now actively participates in church meetings and a home Bible study group. Tymur is following a similar path, engaging in various church activities, attending Sunday school, and participating in children’s camps organized by the church. The family, however, faces both financial and spiritual challenges.

Their mother, Olha, struggles to support her two children and meet their basic needs. Having grown up in a single-parent family due to her father’s departure and her mother’s serious illness, Olha faced difficulties but was supported by her grandparents. After an agitated marriage marked by alcohol abuse and aggression, Olha found herself alone with her children. Her ex-husband neglected financial responsibilities, leaving Olha to care for her children and a sick grandmother.

Living with a grandmother suffering from psychological disorders further complicates their situation. Despite Olha’s efforts to provide for her children, life is challenging without external assistance. The family was introduced to the church through a friend, drawn by the prospect of receiving a food package. Regular church attendance commenced, and the family actively participates in church events.

Their state-owned apartment, lacking any essential, is in terrible and awful conditions. Mold on the walls, old and broken furniture, and inadequate sleeping arrangements depict their difficult circumstances. The aggressive and strong-willed grandmother’s influence creates an unwelcoming home environment, deterring the family from inviting others over. The children, adapted to adversity, endure these conditions without seeking help or change.

Having attended the church for over a year, Olha, despite financial and health challenges, remains open to communication and assistance. Suspected of having cancer, she acknowledges the importance of relying on God. Yeva and Tymur obediently support their mother, finding joy in church events and socializing with peers. Olha, recognizing the positive impact of church activities on her children, encourages their participation. Tymur and his family are in urgent need of your support.