Name:  Yelyzaveta

ID #:    KA01060
Age:     5 years old 

Birth date:  August 27, 2016
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

Dear sponsor,

Thank you very much that I can get acquainted with you. My name is Yelyzaveta and I am five and a half years old and I live in the town of Kalush. My dad works a loader and my mum does not work because she is blind. I don`t have any siblings.

My best friend is Khrystyna. We understand each other very well, play games and play with dolls, and go for a walk. On Christmas, I go to church, participate in a Christmas performance and visit my grandma. For the summer holidays, I go to visit another grandma who lives in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, which is far away from my home. I attend kindergarten. I walk there with my dad and I spend four hours there. I like learning English but I don`t like reading. At kindergarten, I learn English, math, reading, natural science, art, and we also make things of modelling clay there. My favorite subject is English.

I like eating soup with meat balls, pancakes and pelmeni (meat dumplings). On holidays, my mum cooks roast chicken. In my free time, I play with dolls and watch good cartoons.

I want to be a doctor when I grow up.

Dear sponsor, I want to be friends with you and I would like to ask you to pray for my family. Thank you very much for helping my family and me in advance. I like receiving letters from friends and I am looking forward to hearing back from you because I hope that we are already friends.

Caseworker`s comments 2022

Yelyzaveta is a very kind, sociable, intelligent, friendly and obedient child. She already helps her mother with the things that her blind mother cannot do on her own – she becomes her eyes. Yelyzaveta likes to be friends with others, and she has a lot of friends and finds it easy to talk with adults. Yelyzaveta thinks everything over before making any decisions. She also likes doing gymnastics and exercising at home. Besides that, Yelyzaveta enjoys staging plays with her dolls, thereby learning to communicate with others through these games. She likes watching Bible cartoons.

Yelyzaveta loves her parents very much and takes active part in the life of her church: she sings, appears in performances and recites poems. The family members get along with each other very well and help each other. Parents try to teach Yelyzaveta love and mutual understanding through their relationship. They support Yelyzaveta and show her that they need her help. Mother cannot go outside without assistance but she copes with all her household duties: she cooks food, cleans their apartment, and takes very good care of her daughter and communicates with her a lot. Father is hardworking and works as a loader. He tries to do odd jobs to earn money so that his daughter can get good education. Yelyzaveta`s parents cannot help her with her studies because Father has hearing problems and Mother is blind, so they hire private tutors and, besides taking Yelyzaveta to kindergarten, they take her to school for child development. The financial state of this family is poor.

Their income low and this money is hardly enough to pay the rent and the bills, hire tutors and pay for Yelyzaveta to go to school for child development, as well as to buy groceries and clothes. They have been living in a rented one-room apartment for four and a half years. They use electric heater to heat the apartment. Their living conditions are poor but safe. There is a need to make home improvements and repairs.

This blind mother and hard of hearing father are doing all they can to see that their daughter is educated and can escape the cycle of poverty that she is born to.  She is an important member of the family as she can direct her parents when they face communication barriers because of their disabilities. Yelyzaveta is  very responsible at her tender age of 5 . As her sponsor you can help to shoulder some of the burdens  of this family by providing monthly food packages.