HART is always looking for longer term solutions to issues related to poverty in the communities where we serve. With support from people like YOU, HART empowers and equips our local partners so they can transform their own communities. This strategy creates self-sufficiency and independence.

Medical Clinics

Medical care in Eastern Europe is cost-prohibitive for most citizens. Therefore, thousands of poor families come through our clinics for care they could not otherwise afford. YOUR support of medical clinics is truly the gift of health to these families.

Water Well Project

Thousands of Gypsies lack access to safe, clean water. Living in segregated villages, Gypsy life is difficult with women and children often walking up to two kilometers to reach a water source, which often carries diseases that can make everyone sick. YOUR SUPPORT for water-wells can impact a Gypsy village by preventing diseases, improving sanitation and teaching children about proper hygiene.

Church Building

The focus of churches in Eastern European is raising up young leaders with one objective in mind… preparing them to plant their own churches. However, one of the biggest problems facing these new leaders is a chronic shortage of buildings for new church families. YOUR SUPPORT will help a new church put a roof over their heads.

Play-Centre Projects

YOUR SUPPORT will help us provide playground apparatus for children in orphanages, hospitals, special needs schools, foster homes, and summer camp sites.
The cost for the construction of one play system is $1,000 US.


Legal Assistance

The majority of poor families, orphans, street kids or ex-prisoners can’t afford and don’t have access to legal support to protect their rights under the law.
YOU can provide critically important legal support to these disenfranchised people groups.


Substance Abuse Rehabilitation & Prevention

Eastern Europe has the highest rates of alcoholism in the world. YOUR SUPPORT will assist effective drug & alcohol rehabilitation programs and help put families back together. It will provide resources for preventative programs that impact tens of thousands of high school students each year in Ukraine and Moldova.


Micro business loans give hardworking people the opportunity to move toward financial self-sustainability, empowering them to change their own lives, the lives of their children, and the lives of those around them.