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Bringing hope to children

To change a nation – start with its children

DEAR FRIEND, there is no question we live in a broken world – a world  that is aching as a result of injustice, oppression, poverty, disease, and conflict.
At HART, our calling is to stand with the National Churches in Eastern Europe to serve the most vulnerable and provide hope for the future.

But can we truly effect change in countries like Ukraine and Moldova, which are swimming in a sea of corruption? How do you change a morally bankrupt society in which the leaders of the country are the worst offenders when it comes to unethical, immoral behaviour?

There is only one hope… that eventually a new generation of leaders, raised with a Christian biblical world-view, will someday be in positions of power and influence.

It is exciting to see this happening already!
Young people who became Christians at our summer camps 10-12 years ago are now nurses, teachers, youth pastors and medical students.
This is why HART invests its resources (provided by generous people in Canada and the USA) into programs and projects that impact children and youth.


  • We are sending 10,000 children to Christian summer camps each year.
  • Through our network of church/ministry partnerships, 10’s of thousands of high-school kids are receiving lessons on ethics and morality, and the ‘Truth’ about smoking, drugs, alcohol, aids and human trafficking.
  • Our new Education Fund will provide scholarships for hundreds of underprivileged kids who will now be given an opportunity to receive post-secondary education and help their families out of poverty.
  • We currently have over 1,200 children sponsored in our Child Sponsor Program. This program is impacting entire families and their communities.

HART’s work is about rescuing  kids both physically and spiritually through meeting immediate and long-term needs. It’s about rescuing lives and restoring hope.
And it all  begins with YOU.

Over the years we’ve seen countless examples of lives transformed because someone like YOU chose to have their life intersect with that of an underprivileged child in a third world country like Ukraine or Moldova.

It could have been through supporting our summer camp programs or by deciding to sponsor a child, but that decision literally changed the destiny of a child.

Because children are precious to God, please join us in supporting National Christian ministries that nurture children and help them discover the plans God has for them… and TOGETHER, we CAN change the world… one heart at a time.

By Lloyd Cenaiko,
President HART, lloyd@hart.ca