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January 14, 2015

Dear sponsor,

My name is Andrey. I am 9 years old. I live in Moldova. I live with my mother and my sisters. I like to play with my sister Yeva. My best friend is Ivasyuk. We have been friends since kindergarten.  We often play warriors. On Christmas, we tend to make sweets. During the summer holidays we hang out with our friends. I am in the 2nd grade. My favorite subject is math. I love eating pelmeni. I want to become a football player when I grow up. Dear sponsor, I really want to be your friend. Thank you for wanting to help me and my family. We appreciate it very much. May God bless you.

Caseworker’s Comments:

Andrey is a cheerful and sociable young boy who actively participates in his church kids club, where he has formed enduring friendships and strengthened his bond with God. Despite his early childhood experiences of parental conflict, Andrey has developed a stutter, which he bravely copes with every day. He demonstrates his caring nature by helping his mother with household tasks and even offering his services for yard cleaning to contribute financially to the family. His interests include drawing, soccer, and his favorite subject at school is math.

During a recent visit to Andrey’s family, I was warmly welcomed by his outgoing mother, who graciously allowed me to take photos of their home. Although their apartment is cozy and tidy, it requires some intensive repairs, especially due to a leaking roof that causes humidity and threatens to develop mold. Living on the fifth floor, they endure drafty windows in winter, and strengthening the ceiling to prevent leaks during rain is imperative. The apartment, while functional, is cramped with furniture and clothes, and temporary measures like placing buckets under leaks are insufficient.

Andrey’s family receives minimal financial support, with his mother, Olha, only earning a very low income from part-time work. Consequently, the family depends on the income of his older sister, Anastasiia, for financial stability. Despite their challenges, Andrey’s mother strives to maintain cleanliness and order in their home, showcasing her resilience and determination to provide for her children. In this tight-knit family, Andrey’s dedication to his church and willingness to help his loved one’s shines through, embodying the spirit of compassion and selflessness.